obamacare is an assault weapon

The media, and trolls, successfully convinced enough people that Sarah Palin was a fool but, as usual, Mrs. Palin is the one who is right. Yes, there are so-called death panels in obamacare. Who’s really surprised? How can anything run by a bureaucracy be anything other than impersonal and unconcerned with the health and welfare of individuals?

Dr. Laurie Roth published a piece today that called obamacare an assault weapon. You can find that article here.

Here is an excerpt of what she wrote:

It wouldn’t be out of line to label Obamacare an “assault weapon.”

Mr. Obama and the Progressives have set a mandatory “health insurance” system that completely crushes the best health care system in the world, rations health care for all — and especially senior citizens, and forces government approved health insurance on us so that the bureaucratic ideologues of the Progressive Movement can, literally, take control of our health care decision making, thus, determining how long we live…and it is all finance-based (read: Medicare and Medicaid budgets; entitlements).

President Obama isn’t “using” a crisis that has emerged organically, he is “creating” crisis after crisis to destroy, and then redirect, everything to his purpose; his agenda.

This week Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, exposed the chilling role of the IPAB — the Independent Payment Advisory Board.. This is the “death panel” that Sarah Palin talked about years ago, and it really is just that. People are being cut-off from the health care insurance that they have been promised and come to depend on and are already experiencing the repercussions. People are already dying in America because of the Progressive’s health care policies. The IPAB is a panel of UN elected, government-appointed bureaucrats who hide behind the words “efficiency” and “clinical effectiveness,” while talk about bending the “cost curve” downward.

Just one example this horror, one that didn’t make the national news…

One of Dr. Vliet’s 80 year old patients told her, in no uncertain terms:

“…the pharmacist just told me that Medicare is no longer going to pay for my heart medicine because I am now too old.”

His choice? Pay out of pocket or die.

Dr. Vliet also pointed to a frontal assault against diabetic patients nationally:

“Recently, the government quietly directed Medicare to cut reimbursement for 4 million diabetic seniors by 66 percent and also reduced the number of companies that are allowed to supply blood sugar monitoring supplies from more than a thousand to fifteen. Older patients are already being hurt by Obamacare reductions in Medicare services.”

Truth be told, we don’t need to manufacture conspiracy theories against the Progressives and the Obama Administration to find ourselves screaming in horror. We simply have to open our eyes to the reality of what is already happening as a result of their policies.

The IPAB is already denying 80-year olds heart medicine and cutting much needed diabetic care for seniors by 66 percent. This represents just two health issues and millions of people not receiving the care they have been promised by their government; care they have paid for; care that they are due. How many other diseases will make “the list,” especially diseases and maladies affecting our parents — seniors — where the cures and medicines used to control them are cut 66 percent or more? This is called murder, even genocide, in my book.

In Britain they already prevent doctors from offering top-level drugs for illnesses such as breast, stomach, lung and prostate cancer. Their socialized health care system denies drugs for common diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and others. Check it out for yourself. We are advancing, quickly, to the substandard care for the younger crowd and little to no care for our seniors.

People are mad at me for daring to entertain — even in a cursory way — conspiracy theories about a shooting when our current administration has proved time and time again they cannot be trusted to serve the citizenry; when the President and his Progressive comrades are already lining up millions to die; millions caught in their “black widow spider’s web of health care death.”

Lest we forget, the vast majority of the mainstream media sold out to Mr. Obama and his Progressive brethren’s Progressive “take-over” long ago. We must question everything we hear; everything they say and do. Perhaps, just perhaps, we should all become students of history — especially where the rise of the National Socialist Party in 1930s Germany is concerned. Perhaps, just perhaps, that is the only way we will recognize our neighborhoods; our society, in the coming years.

Where I would normally reserve the last line of my opinion pieces to promote my syndicated radio program — TheRothShow.com, today I am suggesting that we all turn from the propaganda of the mainstream media — a conglomerate of agendized outfits openly promoting a destructive Progressive ideology to the American people — and, with a discerning eye for accuracy and truth, turn to the only media sources that we help us to establish our country in the name of We the People once again: honest and legitimate talk radio and ethically bound news sources on the Internet. Truth be told, these two information outlets could be our only hope where “truth to power”; where transparency in government is concerned.

God have mercy on our people.

© 2013 Dr. Laurie Roth – All Rights Reserved

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