Is this Proposed Veteran’s Memorial a Pentagram?

AFWMF pentagram

Why in the world is this memorial shaped like a pentagram? You can read the foundation’s explanation on their website, which in part states, “The main concept of the memorial is based on the gold service star which represents the Fallen Warrior.” Nevertheless, it’s a pentagram and therefore has inherent pagan and/or satanic implications, whether the supporters of this design recognize that or not.

This is from Wikipedia:

  • The simple five-pointed star is not a pentagram; it is a concave decagon.

    • A pentagram usually has strokes through the center and has 5 points.

      A typical Neopagan pentagram (circumscribed).

      A goat’s head inscribed in a downward-pointing pentagram, from La Clef de la Magie Noire by the Rosicrucian Stanislas de Guaita (1897).

      I have nothing against honoring fallen military. However, the shape of this memorial is not a star but a pentagram and if this memorial is in fact a pagan shrine, then tell us.

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