Police raid house over Facebook picture

When Shawn Moore posted a picture of his son, Josh, holding his new birthday present, he had no idea that local police and the department of child services would soon be threatening and harassing him.

According to Mr. Moore, who appeared on Fox and Friends this morning, Josh, a licensed hunter, received the .22 rifle for his 10th birthday. His father posted this picture of his son to Facebook and then the trouble began.

You can see by the picture that Josh knows how to handle firearms. It’s classic NRA training to always point the firearm away from anything you don’t want to shoot and to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire. Indeed, Josh has been shooting since he was 5 years old. So what’s the problem?

Mr. Moore states that gun registration is not required in his home state of New Jersey. Therefore, there seems to be no legitimate reason why the police and child services would show up at his home demanding to inspect it for unsecured firearms, which they did not find. Mr. Moore was not charged with a crime. Nevertheless, the police demanded that he unlock his safe so they could catalog the serial numbers of his guns.

It seems that Mr. Moore had his lawyer on the phone during this time and was advised not to allow access to his safe without a warrant. This prompted child services to accuse Mr. Moore of having something to hide and they threatened to take his children from him.

After an hour, the police packed up and said they would return with a warrant. I believe this harassment took place last Friday, which would have been March 15th, three business-days ago.

I searched for more information on this story and instead found horror stories about police SWAT teams raiding wrong homes and subsequently killing family pets, terrorizing families, and destroying the private property of innocent American citizens.

Why isn’t there more outrage over this type of treatment by those entrusted to protect and serve us? I’m talking about outrage, not violence, but offense, directed toward those higher-ups who authorize and order this sort of governmental terrorism.

We must start asking questions. For instance, who is monitoring Facebook looking for citizens to harass? Why are they doing that? Who thought it was a good idea to terrorize Mr. Moore and his family? Who authorized it? Why would good law enforcement officials carry out such orders?

Please pray with me that God will pull the curtains open and expose the evil forces that are behind this encroaching tyranny. May God protect innocent people from the evil agendas of tyrants.

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