Suspect found after lock down lifted

All day, several residential communities in and around Boston were on lock down while police/military/govt agents went door-to-door looking for a 19-year-old suspect.

According to US News on NBC:

The violence [of the suspects on Thursday night] led to an extraordinary shutdown of transportation, schools and businesses in Boston and its surrounding suburbs, with police warning more than a million people to hunker down behind locked doors while SWAT teams fanned out looking for the younger suspect.

However, the suspect seems to have been hiding in a backyard outside the lock down perimeter. In addition, he was found after the lock down was lifted.

As the US News story states:

Bursts of gunfire erupted Friday evening as police surrounded a boat where the Boston Marathon bombing suspect was believed to be holed up, law enforcement sources said.

The dramatic turn of events came not long after police said residents could leave their homes even though the suspect was still on the run despite an all-day, door-to-door search…”Probably been there all day,” the official said.

Seems all the fuss wasn’t quite worth it. Lots of inconvenience, harassment, and expense with no results. Typical government activity. Glad they found the suspect. Wish they’d done it in a more efficient way.

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