Who was the man taken away in handcuffs last night?

Around 3 am this morning (on the East Coast), Fox News, covering the events in the Boston area, showed footage of a man being taken away in handcuffs. It was reported that the man was the elder of the alleged bomb brothers.The man had his head down, but in size and build, he indeed looked like brother #1.

However, soon after, the report was changed to say that brother #1 was killed in a shootout.

The story I heard before finishing my night’s sleep was that brother #1 was in custody and brother #2 had fled (from a 7-11 if I remember correctly). The story was different when I awoke several hours later. I have not seen the footage of that arrest again.

Why was Judge Napolitano called to comment on the Boston manhunt?

Another oddity was Judge Napolitano’s commentary on Fox News in the wee hours of the morning. Why call a retired judge to comment on a manhunt at 3 am? Nevertheless, although I did not catch all of what he said, he stated something along the lines of the brothers being heavily armed and that what the military/govt agents/police were doing was exactly what Americans pay the government to do, which is keep us safe. Perhaps I misunderstood what he was saying; however, it sounded like this Libertarian former judge provided some good soundbites to be used in favor of a tyrannical government confiscating civilian weapons. Just as the other mainstream media is brainwashing for the masses, Fox News is brainwashing for the right wing. If you watch Fox News, listen closely and you’ll start to notice that what I’m saying is true. The media outlets have an agenda and it isn’t in favor of those who respect the U.S. Constitution.

The activities of the military/govt agents/police in the Boston area remind me of a Civil War reenactment.

I believe what is happening in the Boston area is practice for martial law. It’s what the tyrannical government has longed for, the combining of governmental law enforcement agencies into a giant beast that harasses, controls, and terrorizes innocent people. It is a form of psychological terrorism to lock down miles and miles of residential areas, forcing families from their homes, driving through residential streets in military vehicles and big, black SWAT vehicles, having police and military in camouflage and black uniforms openly carrying assault weapons, and knocking on every family’s door. How do you explain that to small children? And what are they hoping to find behind each door? “Is the bomber hiding in your house?” It doesn’t make sense.

If brother #2 is really at large, he’s probably long gone. At some point, they’ll have to say they found him. Will he disappear like brother #1, reported as dead, or will he end up like the Batman shooter?

Is the president being compromised by his hidden background?

Yesterday I mentioned that some Saudis appear to be influencing our highest government officials through payoffs. Recently, James Lyons wrote an article in which he argues that the current president may be compromised by what the Russians know about his past, a past that he so desperately tries to hide. The media tell us that the bomb brothers are Russian. Again, brother #1 was reported as arrested and then reported as dead. We’ll have to wait for the end of the Boston spectacle to hear the story of brother #2. However, have they actually been sent back to Russia? Tyrannical governments are not interested in true justice. It’s all about appearance, what they can make the common people believe. Ultimately, it’s all about control.

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