Will the Boston bombing be used to shut down the conspiracy community?

It’s now big news that brother #1 and his mother believed that 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated to make Americans hate Muslims. On Fox and Friends today, Sunday morning, the three on the couch labeled people who question the official stories as “crazy”, “nuts”, “radical” and “terrifying”. As I’ve said, Fox News is brainwashing for conservatives.

What better way to shut down dissenting voices all at once? No need to harass and threaten individual investigators and bloggers, just announce that so-called conspiracy theories are causing radicalization and violence. “It will be for the public good,” they’ll say. It’s the way tyrannical governments behave.

The fact that anti-conspiracy propaganda is heating up should encourage those who are seeking the truth. Those who are finding and examining evidence for themselves, and speaking up about what they’ve found, are obviously hindering the plans of the tyrants.

Therefore, it seems we should examine more, discuss more, and pray that God will uncover the truth about what’s really going on. It’s a war, but for those seeking the truth it’s about freedom of hearts and minds. For the tyrants, it’s about control and murder. If someone decides to kill, that one was inspired by the ancient evil that lies and deceives, not by the ones who love Truth and freedom.

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