Dead Sandy Hook principal was two blocks away from Boston bombs

If anyone wonders why people become so-called conspiracy theorists, it’s because the government and its mouthpieces, the mainstream media, don’t tell the truth. Here’s a picture from Doc Marquis’ website:

Pic of dead Sandy Hook principal mentioned as alive at Boston bombing

The photograph on the left was used to eulogize Sandy Hook’s deceased principal, Dawn Hochsprung. On the right is the same photo. Is she now called Donna? What’s up with that? Anyway, thank goodness she wasn’t closer to the bombs or she may have been murdered again.

On December 14th, the Washington Times posted an article that stated:

When leaving the meeting room, [the eyewitness, the vice principal] reports that she saw the bodies of the principal and school psychologist lying in “a pool of blood” in the hallway.  According to the Sandy Hook Elementary School web site the principal is Dawn Hochsprung, and the school psychologist is listed as Mary Sherlach…

We are not confirming that these are the individuals shot; however, CNN is reporting that both the school principal and psychologist have been killed.

Now, CNN (or is it Fox News?) is stating that this lady was a few blocks away from where the bombs went off in Boston.

Add to this the things we’re hearing about the Saudi person of interest in the Boston bombing, including that he has multiple familial ties to terrorists and may even be Osama bin Laden’s son. Lots of information out there. Who knows what’s true? But what is true and what is disturbing is that the president’s wife visited him while he was in the hospital. Why would she do that?

What are we to believe? Is it just that media types are inefficient and stupid? Or is something evil taking place?

Check out Doc Marquis’ take on how the Boston bombing was predicted, including his explanation of how the Illuminati playing cards predicted the event:

02/25/2014 UPDATE: Just came across this You Tube video by livingonplanetZ. It shows a familial connection between Dawn Hochsprung and the father of the alleged shooter:

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