How did Tamerlan Tsarnaev get run over if he was already in the squad car?

In a previous post, I’d wondered who it was who’d been arrested the early morning hours after the alleged bomb brothers were in an alleged shootout with police. Today, Pakalert Press has a story which states:

Independent investigative journalist Dan Dicks of Press For Truth produced a video detailing his interview with the Boston bombing suspects’ aunt where she identifies a naked, cuffed, clearly alive and well detainee seen in video aired by CNN, as her nephew and Boston bombing suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Tamerlan Tsarnaev would later be announced “dead,” with injuries covering his body from “head to toe.”

Here is a screen shot, apparently captured from the CNN report:

Boston Bombing Suspects' Aunt ID's Naked Alive Detainee as Slain Nephew - FBI Lies

Here is the CNN report:

A screen shot from the CNN story showing the man as he is stepping into the squad car:

Capture of suspect entering police car

Notice the caption that states the CNN photojournalist saw two people taken into custody.

Again, the question: If this is indeed footage of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s arrest, as his aunt seems to believe, how did he end up mutilated and dead?

2 thoughts on “How did Tamerlan Tsarnaev get run over if he was already in the squad car?”

  1. There are a lot of holes there.i mean you can clearly see him as if he’s gonna get inside the cruiser.also in the naked pic I dnt see any blood if he’s already cuffed n about to get in da cruiser,how do you explain the bullet holes.”irony”


    1. Irony is right. If he was perfectly healthy when he entered the police car, how and when did he die? In addition, the official photograph of the little brother shows him walking from the boat with this hands up. When did he get a wound that required a on-scene tracheotomy?


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