I’m beginning to believe the Boston bombing was just another drill

While I believe that the Sandy Hook shooting was merely a staged drill of which the government took advantage, I thought that at least a little something had happened in Boston – until I saw the photos. WARNING, there are some GRAPHIC photos ahead.

From the time of the incident, this photo has particularly bothered me:

Jeff Bauman blurred photo

Why would a person with a traumatic let amputation be transported in an upright position? Anyone with even an elementary knowledge of first aid knows that bleeding limbs need to be elevated to help control the bleeding. And while I’m not certain as to how someone with such an injury would act, doesn’t the man seem a bit calm? The government’s NIH website states:

Try to calm and reassure the person as much as possible. Amputation is painful and extremely frightening.

It also says:

Keep the patient warm…Take steps to prevent shock. Lay the person flat, raise the feet about 12 inches, and cover the person with a coat or blanket.

Not quite the way they cared for this man, who has been identified as Jeff Bauman.

Since the media consistently blurred this photo, I thought perhaps the injury was not really an amputation. Then I saw this. Be warned, it is graphic (but is it real?).

Boston amputee

Who would transport a person in this condition in this way? It’s not as if there were no gurneys available, as there were numerous photos of less severely injured people being transported on them.

Check out photos from the alleged bomb scene here and here. There are some very suspicious things happening. But this thing about Jeff now bothers me even more. Warning: GRAPHIC

Jeff Bauman on ground by himself

Who would ignore someone in this condition? Can you imagine real emergency personnel leaving someone who had really just had his legs blown off in an explosion to roll around on the ground unattended? We see them attending to others with obviously less severe injuries, particularly as the man they’re examining can be seen calmly lounging in this next photo of the scene after Jeff was taken away:

victims lying around after being bombed

Again, notice the man they were examining in the previous photo, the man in the hoodie. In other photos he is seen helping Jeff, with Jeff’s injured legs leaning up against him. However, in this picture, the hoodie man has no blood on his clothes. In addition, the woman lying next to him, in white and red, is seen in those other photos as being caught between the hoodie man and Jeff. In other words, she should also be covered in blood.

I am beginning to believe that the Boston bombing event was completely staged. Others have suggested that maybe a smoke bomb had been detonated. Perhaps that, or something along that line, was part of this planned event. We know there was a bomb drill taking place during the marathon and that government operatives were in the area. Now the question: Why would the government and media act as if this was real when it was not?

This quotation is displayed on Dr. James F. Tracy’s website, Memory Hole:

Our disinformation program will be complete when everything the American public believes is false.” -William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

That may very well explain the odd events and lies we’ve been exposed to of late. Thanks to Memory Hole for making me aware of the photos. Please read Dr. Tracy’s explication of the Boston event.

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