Why doesn’t anyone know how many Boston victims lost limbs?

After seeing this picture of Jeff Bauman at a hockey game

Jeff Bauman at hockey game

I was wondering whether it was a bit soon for him to be out and about after being so close to death less than three weeks ago. So, I searched for stories on the other alleged Boston amputees and could find no updates, only stories written to justify photo-ops.

However, the more disturbing find was that no one seems to know exactly how many bombing victims lost limbs. Since the first reports, the number has always been prefaced by “at least”: April 22, CBS “at least 13 people losing a limb or part of one.” April 25, ABC “At least 14 of those injured in the blasts had to have limbs amputated, and at least two people had multiple amputations.” April 29, USA Today, “At least 15 people lost limbs in the bombings.” One day later, the number was “20 to 25.”

This latest estimate comes from a Reuters story about the donation of artificial limbs for the victims. As reported on April 30th:

A trade group representing makers of artificial limbs on Tuesday promised to provide prosthetics free of cost to the estimated 20 to 25 victims of the Boston Marathon bombings who underwent amputations.

Notice it says “underwent”? That’s past tense. Same with the “at least” reporting. Their wording does not refer to potential losses, but amputations that have already taken place. Therefore, why doesn’t anyone know how many people lost limbs? It seems a fairly simple task for reporters to phone hospitals to inquire how many of their bombing patients lost limbs. The reporters could then add those numbers and report the total. Couldn’t they? And how did the number jump from “at least 15” to “20 to 25” in one day?

I am also wondering if anyone noticed this woman, Heather Abbott, in any of the photos of the blast scenes. She reportedly lost a leg.

aptopix-boston-marathon-victims-tough-choice_Heather Abbott

While reading through some of the “eyewitness” reports, including hers, it seemed their stories did not quite correspond to what was captured in the photographs that are publicly available.

If you’d like to examine the photos for yourself, here are three websites with sets of photos:

hahatango’s photostream


Krystle – Imgur

As of now, I have found no evidence to convince me that this was not a staged event. Rather, each new story seems to confirm that it was staged. Perhaps it is time to become more interested in what the government has been doing while we’ve been busy examining this “tragedy” that they produced for us.




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