Why the protests over Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body and burial?

The protests at the funeral home where Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body was supposedly being held seemed completely staged. So did the protestations over where he was to be buried. Criminals who have done worse, such as alleged shooter Adam Lanza, did not evoke such outrage. It just doesn’t make sense. What did the protestors want done with the body? Wouldn’t it be best to bury him and lay to rest the memory of such a (allegedly) horrible individual?

There is a May 6th post on the Sandy Hook Truth blog in which the author suggests:

none of the cemeteries will allow him to be buried because they fear public backlash. Backlash for what?  For burying a man who is a suspected bomber?  He was never tried and convicted but he has been convicted through the media…It seems to me that “they” want us to discard the presumption of innocence.  Everyone who seeks to protest this burial should acknowledge that they are willing to throw away the presumption of innocence but should understand that it’s a dangerous line to cross because they never know when they may be accused of something.

Could the staged protests indeed have been a way of influencing US citizens to “discard the presumption of innocence”? Perhaps this is something we should be watching for in current media “newscasts”.

The author of this Sandy Hook Truth post also suggests:

Why is “Tamerlan” at this funeral home for indigents that no one else will take in when he has a family?  A wife, uncles and parents who believe he was set up.  Why wasn’t a private service simply arranged by the family, similarly to how Adam Lanza’s service was performed?  Because they wanted to make a big deal of this “terrorist” not being buried on American soil.  They have to make it an “us versus them” story … the evil Muslim terrorists.

Making a big deal of not wanting a “terrorist” buried on American soil helps perpetuate the useful “us versus them story [of ] the evil Muslim terrorist.” This story has been used to infringe upon our civil rights, deprive us of basic freedoms, terrorize us and citizens of other nations, bankrupt us with the costs of endless wars, and murder untold numbers.

I am not convinced that Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body was in any funeral home. In a previous post, you can view a video of him entering a police car after his alleged shootout with police. He doesn’t look wounded.

It is interesting that as soon as questions regarding the burial nonsense began, media began reporting that Tamerlan had been buried in an undisclosed location in a plot provided by a “courageous and compassionate individual.” The lack of specifics is similar to the reporting of Osama bin Laden’s “burial at sea”.

Although I’m not sure what the ultimate purpose is for the Boston spectacle, I’m sure it is serving the ultimate elitist agenda as much as possible. In the words of Chicago thug, Rahm Emmanuel, “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste.” Bilderberg darling, Hillary Clinton (“…Hillary will be good for America… we’ll be very pleased that she’s president.” — Lynn Forester de Rothschild), has said the same thing.

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