Another Boston “victim” photo-op

It seems there are now plenty of stories about those who were allegedly hurt during the Boston bombing. Here is James “Bim” Costello “staggering away from the Boston Marathon bombing, his jeans shredded and blackened, his body so burned that he was left needing pig skin grafts on most of his right arm and right leg”:

Capture_Boston survivor 01b

This photo was taken after “Bim” “plucked two rusty roofing nails from his stomach and [as he] was trying to walk toward any help he could find following the explosions, his ears ringing, his body pebbled with shrapnel, and his mind reeling from the thought moments earlier that he might be dying.”

Here is “Bim” after his pig skin grafts:

Capture_Boston survivor 02

Capture_Boston survivor 03

Funny how “Bim” seems to have no injuries in the places where his pants were “torn” and major injuries where the pants were intact.

It looks less that he was battered and burned than that this woman went a bit wild with her scissors:

Capture woman with scissors

This woman was unintentionally filmed by a marathon spectator. What the cellphone video shows is exceptionally damning, which makes me wonder about its authenticity. Nevertheless, it includes images of this woman with the scissors, of the hooded man squatting in the background with what may be the gory leg he would soon put on Jeff Bauman, another woman before she is covered in phony blood, and more. UPDATE: The photo of the woman with the scissors is not from the cellphone video. Rather, it is from a photograph which, in my opinion, does not show the scissors. You can see the photograph in a more recent blog post.)

Here are a few screen captures:

Capture Christian Williams with fake stump

Capture woman before fake blook Capture woman after fake blood

You can find more info on this cellphone video at:

There is also a fascinating article on Jeff Bauman’s injuries by Dr. Stan Monteith, a former orthopedic surgeon.

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