Raising cash with false injuries

Have you read the heart-wrenching story of the six childhood friends who gathered for the Boston marathon? One was in the race and five were blown up in the second blast. Three of those men lost legs. They all have fundraising pages.

This one is for brothers Paul and JP Norden and Paul’s girlfriend, who was also injured:

Capture Jacqui Webb Paul and JP Norden fund

Fundraising for Marc Fucarile:

Capture Mark Fucarile fundFor Jarrod Clowery:Capture Jarod Clowery fund

This is Jarrod collapsed on the street in Boston:

Capture Jarrod Clowery on scene

And for the fifth friend, James “Bim” Costello, whom I wrote about yesterday:

Capture Bim Costello fund

The stories don’t say much about “Bim”. I can’t imagine why, since he heroically “stagger[ed] away from the Boston Marathon bombing, his jeans shredded and blackened, his body so burned that he was left needing pig skin grafts…[having] plucked two rusty roofing nails from his stomach …[he] walk[ed] toward any help he could find.” Witness the heroism:

Capture_Boston survivor 01b

“Bim” works for Harvard. However, the Harvard Crimson newspaper doesn’t seem to know anything about his plight. Although I can find no record of “Bim” at Harvard, an older gentleman with the same name, James Costello, works there. His father, perhaps? If so, why wouldn’t the school newspaper interview him or Bim? Anyway, wouldn’t you expect Harvard to provide decent medical coverage?

Here are links to some of the stories about these friends. They are worth looking at, as they include a good number of photos. As expected, there weren’t any full length pictures of the recent amputees.





Someone commenting on the Daily Mail story got a bit of heat for stating, “Americans love having their limbs blown off it seems…happy happy smiley happy.” However, it does seem strange that all the injured appear so happy in their post-event photo-ops. Perhaps they’re thinking of the money they’ll make? And didn’t the same thing happen after Sandy Hook? The parents (particularly Robbie Parker), the president, the children, and just about everyone seemed a bit too cheerful afterwards.

Nevertheless, here’s one picture that particularly caught my attention. The man in the wheelchair is JP Norden. The man standing is Paul Norden, who also lost a leg in the bombing. The man in bed is Jarrod Clowery, who did not lose a limb.

JP Paul Jarrod

Maybe Paul is just a fast healer.

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