Did media know a tornado would hit Oklahoma?

Throughout last Sunday, Fox News crews were watching the skies over Oklahoma. The few times I tuned to that station, that’s what was on. In the evening, scheduled shows were preempted for coverage of tornado damage. Here is video of that day:

By Monday morning, there was no mention that anything had happened. However, later that day, they were again watching Oklahoma skies. Why would they do that? Tornado Alley is a big area. Why were they focusing on this part of Oklahoma? The threat for tornadoes was not even severe. Rather, the threat was merely moderate.

I would suggest reading these articles by Dutchsinse:




Heart-wrenching photos.

A photographer for The Oklahoman just happened to be present, camera ready, as teachers and teens rescued children from a demolished elementary school. UK’s Daily Mail posted more than fifteen photos, most of them featuring children.

bloody teachers carrying kids

teachers carrying children

These two photos were presented on Fox and Friends as being by The Oklahoman photographer, Paul Hellstern. As you can see from this caption, the Daily Mail believes these young people are teachers at the school. Paul said he’s not positive they’re teachers. The Daily Mail also credits the AP for the photographs. Paul Hellstern owns Paul Hellstern Photography in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Falsely identifying the individuals carrying the children is an example of the misinformation we get from media. It’s fairly minor misinformation in this case; however, it’s a bit of further proof that they don’t know what’s going on but still state everything as fact. And we must not forget the blatant lies they perpetrate for the government.

Because the government and media had some idea where this tornado would hit, and knowing what has been done in the recent past, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that “extras” were in place.

Nevertheless, for those who suffered loss, may they be comforted by sensing God’s presence with them, by knowing that their lost loved ones are with God in glory, and may God restore to them greater blessings than what was lost.

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