Crazy editing of UK beheading suspect video

After the alleged UK beheading, on one of its morning shows, Fox News ran a video of the suspect’s rant. What immediately struck me was that people were passing by as if the man wasn’t even there. What sane person would walk within inches of a man who is holding a knife and cleaver in his bloody hands? They didn’t even glance at him. It was completely unnatural.

I have tried to find that video and cannot. What I found is cropped and edited footage. At the same time, I came across a couple of videos that demonstrate chroma keying, or green screen technology. I don’t know if that had any role in this event, but it’s something to keep in mind. In other words, everything the media produces is suspect. I’ve placed those videos last in this post.

This video clearly has some sloppy editing. What happens to the woman with the shopping cart?

Here is what appears to be the entire rant. The footage of passersby begins at :33. Notice the narrow scope of the shot. You can see that people are passing, but you can’t see their faces. However, their faces were clearly visible in the video shown on Fox News.

Here are some screenshots from the video. On the left, a woman is approaching. The beheaded man is lying in the street to the right, outside the shot.

Capture_passersby 01

A second person approaches:

Capture_passersby 02

A bit of time passes and the lady with the shopping cart passes by:

Capture_passersby 06_shopping cart lady

Another person approaches:

Capture_passersby 07

And two more pass by (sorry, I couldn’t get a clearer capture):

Capture_passersby 08

Here’s a better picture of the lady with the shopping cart. Notice how wide the shots are in the following photos. Why was the rant footage cropped? Was it so we couldn’t see the lack of reaction or recognition on the faces of the passersby?

Capture_shopping cart lady

Here is an interesting version. Some media outlets blurred the knife and cleaver. Is that what’s happening here, or are they blurring the crowd?

Capture_suspect with crowd blurred

Here’s a better picture of the crowd:

Capture_killler full shot

Here is one of the suspects after being shot. Have they blurred his right arm?

Capture_of shot suspect

This boy was one of the children held inside a nearby school for their safety. Did they keep children away because they’re too honest? Would a child question why people had no reaction to seeing a bloody, knife and cleaver wielding man ranting on the sidewalk while a beheaded man is lying in the road? Could it have something to do with the Agenda 21 interest in building “resilient” communities?

Capture_in a nearby school children kept inside for their safety

This is the family of the beheaded soldier:

Capture_family cries over soldier death

Lee Rigby fund fund for rebecca_wife

The green screen videos:

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