The Santa Monica Shooting

The Santa Monica shooting incident occurred while the president was visiting the area for one of his multitudinous fundraisers. Every news report I read said the events were not related. Nevertheless, after his 10 minute rampage, the shooter was killed.

According to the L.A. Times:

CHP officer Vince Ramirez told The Times one suspect is in custody and that officers are trying to determine if there was a second shooter. Other sources said they believe there was only one shooter.

According to CNN:

His apparently random gunfire became the nation’s latest disturbing killing spree, ending with his death in the college library and leaving this tourist beachfront city reeling with shock.

According to a witness:

“He looked official, like a SWAT team guy, dressed in black with his belt full of ammo,” Cunningham-Rathner said. “You could smell the gunshots.”

So, if the shooter was wearing bullet-proof gear, how was he killed? Was it after he was in police custody? has this alleged picture of the shooter:

santa monica shooter body’s commentary:

no trail of blood means this is a fake and such a person (or dummy) was NOT shot dead. Moreover, never before in the history of a crime scene does anyone drag the corpse for photo-ops in the middle of the walkway. ‘They’ drug him over there and then took his shoes off. Who would believe it?

Not sure if this is true or not, but if so, it’s odd:

president announces victims death

Why would the president make this announcement? Is it evidence that the event is important to his gun control agenda?

From the Christian Science Monitor:

A close friend of the family, who worked with Zawahri’s mother, said “John had a fascination with guns. We were all worried about it,” according to a Los Angeles Times report.

And one neighbor of Zawahri and his mother, who lived together, told the Times that the mother is “a lovely woman. Petite, sweet, quiet, brunette, and classy – with a crazy kid.”

The accounts offer an echo of Newtown, Conn., where a single mother apparently struggled to keep a “crazy kid” in line. There, the mother was the first victim, killed before Adam Lanza went on a his shooting spree, killing 20 first-graders and six staff at Sandy Hook Elementary.

In Santa Monica, Calif., the 23-year-old Zawahri killed his father and brother before fatally shooting three other people on the campus of Santa Monica College, stocked with an arsenal of bullets, a handgun, and an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, police say. Zawahri was ultimately killed by law enforcement on the campus. Zawahri’s mother, Randa Abdou, is reportedly on a one-month vacation in Lebanon.

This sounds like a combination of Sandy Hook and Boston bombing narratives. Was no one able to concoct a new storyline? See this story by the Washington Post for similarities. And why is it that so many recent shooters have AR-15 rifles – Holmes, Lanza, now Zawahri? See, also, this CBS article on Christopher Dorner, in which they publish a list of his weapons and state, “Authorities on Friday showed off a table holding several weapons in ‘the same style’ as those found on Christopher Dorner’s body and inside the Big Bear-area cabin where his charred remains were discovered.” Why would the public need to see weapons “in the same style”?

More about gun control and Zawahri from the Christian Science Monitor:

In the debate over gun control, discussion quickly turns to demagoguery. But Santa Monica, in particular, could stand as evidence of how hard it is to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them, even when laws are in place.

In Newtown, Mr. Lanza apparently had ready access to the stockpile of weapons owned by his mother, a gun enthusiast. But there are no reports yet that Ms. Abdou had the AR-15 allegedly used in the massacre Saturday. The Times quotes the Zawahri family friend as saying: “Everyone is wondering where he got the money for the weapons.”

While the details of Zawahri’s case are not yet known and could take the case in a different direction, Friday’s massacre clearly does not hit California unawares. In passing the recent bill, California Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D) said: “We all can recite the horrific acts that have occurred in our country over the last year. These bills attempt to respond to those well-publicized tragedies and many more that go unpublicized.”

So, was this another false flag in “their” quest for gun control? Are they stirring up more animosity toward Muslims? The event has received little attention; however, everything that happens during and after Bilderberger meetings is particularly worthy of examination.

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