Santa Monica Shooting Photos

There has been little attention given to the Santa Monica shooting. Perhaps there is nothing more to learn from these events. Nevertheless, here are some of the photos published by the mainstream media.

The most ridiculous is this “body”,

From Twitter acct dead body

which was just left there

LA Daily News_guy on groundpic of body_cnn article updated june 11

until they put up a barrier:


It was nice that the “deceased” didn’t leak blood everywhere. By most reports, the alleged shooter was killed inside the library.

Someone got arrested:

From Twitter someone taken into custory

Some students left in a hurry:

sandwiches left behind

They left their backpacks but took their drinks? And who eats without more stuff – plastic wrap, napkins, paper bag, etc.?

Nevertheless, this is how law enforcement treated innocent people:

students hands up 2 students hands upstudents hands up 3

Why are they all women?

This was also happening:

officer leading children_huff post

So was this:

police in front of cleaners police in western Palms district

Don’t forget, the president was nearby for another fundraiser.

Here is the house the alleged shooter was supposed to have burned:

burnt house_firefighters on roofburnt house 4 burnt house 3  burnt house 7burnt house 6

Back to the college. We see officers happy to be there:

cop happy to be there

Others who were a bit more serious. Wouldn’t they be wearing some sort of armor if actually facing a mad shooter? Maybe they’re too tough for sheriff dept

The fire department wanted to be part of the event:

fire dept at college

So did the meter maid:

meter maid questions student

To make this bullet hole, wouldn’t the weapon have to have been positioned above the rail and pointed directly at it ?

From Twitter bullet hole from imposs angle

In case there’s any doubt as to the reason for this false flag event:

displaying rifle part


car with baby seat

about guns

Then there was this. It is, after all, Los Angeles County:

only in la

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