Boston bombing photos: one answer, more questions

To anyone who thinks that believing in conspiracies is easy, it isn’t. At least not for me. For example, it’s easier for me to believe that two brothers planted bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon than to believe that media, government, actors, etc. know it was a drill but are portraying it as if it had been a real terrorist event. So, I continue to look through the photos, hoping to find some evidence that our own government isn’t terrorizing us with false flag events. However, the more I examine, the more convinced I am that the Boston bombing was staged.

The following photographs can be found at:

First, the media had an excellent view of the first bombing scene:


media overlooking scene

Some have speculated that Jeff Bauman was taken away in a wheelchair instead of a gurney because no gurneys were available. The following photos prove that was not the case:


Carlos is still here; therefore, Jeff is still lying on the ground and, oh look, there’s a gurney.

Notice, also the man in lower left corner, with beard, in black, and having a camera case slung over his shoulder. He is seen in earlier photos with pants torn (cut) open. In other words, he had been close enough to the bomb to have his pants partially blown off. Now he’s back with a fancy camera. Here he is:

man with camera_torn pantsman with camera

Back to Jeff and Carlos. Here they go, right past an incoming gurney:

45d carlos and jeff passing a stretcher

That’s the one answer. There was no reason for Jeff to be taken away in a wheelchair, except for a better photo-op.

Look who was taken away on the fancy pink gurney:

woman in red on gurney

Perhaps she was traumatized by having Jeff’s bony stubs resting on her head.

What is particularly bothering me about the available photos is that I don’t see this woman or Jeff Bauman in hahatango’s set of photos. On the other hand, they are seen in photos that seem to have been taken from a relatively similar angle. Well, to be honest, they seem to be the same photos. Anyway, they can’t be seen in these photos:


There’s the hooded man; however, if Jeff and the lady in red are there, people are standing in front of them and it’s that way throughout hahatango’s entire set of photos.

If you look through the photo sets, you’ll notice that the hooded man and the two elderly men will soon be lying down. Is there a delayed reaction to being blown up? If this event was your only source of info, you’d have to think that’s the case. Even the two women who allegedly died at the scene scream for awhile. Speaking of the “dead”, they also don’t appear in hahatango’s photo set.

Also, if the bomb was filled with nails and ball bearings, why don’t we see any in the photos?

Anyway, the hidden people are all visible in this photo:


Shouldn’t these people be visible somewhere in hahatango’s photos? The two who will “die” are on the right, near the fence, directly above the lady in the green jacket.

They are not seen from this angle. From the Chicago Tribune:

Explosions At 117th Boston Marathon

But they are from this one:

Explosions At 117th Boston Marathon

The fence is still up in the bottom Tribune photo. Perhaps the “dead” women were taken away by the time the top Tribune photo was taken? Don’t think so. Notice Carlos there, in the first Tribune photo? (He helped with fence removal before standing amongst the “injured”.) Would they take away the dead women before taking Jeff for help?

Here they are “dead” with no fence to spoil the picture:


From the Cryptome website. Where’s Jeff?


Someone has suggested that Jeff was photoshopped into the scene. I don’t know. Maybe the actors were told to create a visual barrier. That may be an explanation for some of the photos, but not for these. It’s all very strange. The only thing I know is that the event was staged.

A little more strangeness:

30b whats on her legman with thing on leg_enlarged21a

The formerly hooded man:

26e hooded guy

Carlos and the lady in red are in the middle of this photo. She seems to have just been loaded onto the gurney:


Do police walk through real blood like this?

60eNotice the flag? No blood.60aCarlos with flag_enlarged

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