No blood at Sandy Hook shooting scene

The newest post to Prof. Tracy’s blog, Memory Hole, has links to some interesting YouTube videos regarding Sandy Hook. One of them is embedded below. In it, a Sandy Hook researcher recounts her experience of trying to find out who cleaned up the crime scene. One of the answers she received:

“What blood?” [Lieutenant J. Paul] Vance responded, before deferring to yet another state agency.

You can hear the researcher tell her story:

And remember the Boston bombing scene? Everyone was walking and standing around in all the “blood” and police were seen walking through it for no apparent reason?


police walk through blood

As far as I know, there are no photos of any clean-up activity and none of anyone investigating this scene as they did the site of the second bomb blast:

hazmat at 2nd bomb scene

More evidence of Sandy Hook and Boston being false flag events. Again, the question of “Why?” And, again, the answer:

Apr 16 2013_Military police check IDs on Massachusetts Ave in Boston

2 thoughts on “No blood at Sandy Hook shooting scene”

  1. I think this article lacks evidence. I think this kind of conspiracy theory is a kind of false flag event designed by those with something to hide to provide cover to dismiss valid conspiracy theories, such as the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, as well as 9/11.

    We know the government lied about 9/11 (as the Bush appointed investigators have written) so we want to know what the government was covering up, why it lied, why the theory of how the Twin Towers came down, which does not explain the collapse of Bldg 7, which was omitted from the Commission Report.

    Just as bad money drives out good, bad conspiracy theories drive out the good ones which deserve investigation. Who would benefit from such a method of smearing all conspiracy theories by conflating the with the absurd?

    I remain open to evidence, but it has to be authentic. The “evidence” in this article proves nothing but invites the gullible to indulge their fantasies.


    1. Thank you for your comment. However, I must respectfully disagree. I have found no evidence that Sandy Hook or the Boston Bombing were anything but government drills that are being portrayed as actual events. I continue to research to prove this assumption wrong; however, so far, the available evidence has only strengthened the assumption.

      For example, how can I see photos of a healthy-looking Tamerlan Tsarnaev entering a police car while listening to reports that he had been shot and run over and still believe there is no conspiracy?

      My conclusion is that we are part of a nationwide, perhaps worldwide, experiment to test government responses and systems and to see how the population will react.


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