The Chinese are illegally crossing our borders?

Did you know that along with Mexicans and Islamic terrorists, the Chinese are illegally crossing our borders? Why isn’t that news? In other words, why is it a secret?

Check out this sign, which is attached to an “emergency distress beacon” placed somewhere near our southern border, that it has instructions in three languages: Spanish, English, and Chinese. You can barely see the Chinese writing at the bottom of this screen capture:

emergency distress beacon 3 languages

The capture is from a documentary film by Dennis Michael Lynch. Here is Lynch in a recent interview:

You can find more of his interviews on his website, They Come to America.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies:

…experts who closely monitor the security landscape are increasingly concerned about the economic and national security issues raised by the breadth of Chinese activity in the United States. The Chinese are increasingly singled out for their cyber intrusions, university spying, and corporate espionage issues…

It makes a nice story to say that those who cross our borders illegally are desperate individuals looking for a better life for themselves and their families. But is that true? What if it isn’t?

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