Big pharma making a killing

Saw an interesting article this morning: 20 Signs That The Pharmaceutical Companies Are Running A 280 Billion Dollar Money Making Scam. Here are a few of the shocking statistics:

#1 According to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug.  An astounding 20 percent of all Americans are on at least five prescription drugs.

#2 According to the CDC, approximately 9 out of every 10 Americans that are at least 60 years of age say that they have taken at least one prescription drug within the last month.

#3 The 11 largest pharmaceutical companies combined to rake in approximately $85,000,000,000 in profits in 2012.

#4 During 2013, Americans will spend more than 280 billion dollars on prescription drugs.

#5 According to Alternet, last year “11 of the 12 new-to-market drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration were priced above $100,000 per-patient per-year”.

#11 A shocking Government Accountability Office report discovered that approximately one-third of all foster children in the United States are on at least one psychiatric drug.  In fact, the report found that many states seem to be doping up foster children as a matter of course.  Just check out these stunning statistics…

In Texas, foster children were 53 times more likely to be prescribed five or more psychiatric medications at the same time than non-foster children. In Massachusetts, they were 19 times more likely. In Michigan, the number was 15 times. It was 13 times in Oregon. And in Florida, foster children were nearly four times as likely to be given five or more psychotropic medications at the same time compared to non-foster children.

#12 In 2010, the average teen in the U.S. was taking 1.2 central nervous system drugs.  Those are the kinds of drugs which treat conditions such as ADHD and depression.

And this one:

#14 All of those antidepressants don’t seem to be working too well.  The suicide rate for Americans between the ages of 35 and 64 rose by close to 30 percent between 1999 and 2010.  The number of Americans that are killed by suicide now exceeds the number of Americans that die as a result of car accidents.

Have the pharmaceutical companies developed drugs that can make people kill themselves and/or others? Please see a previous post, Do Some Prescription Drugs Cause Violence in Teens?, for a rather lengthy list of murderous teens who were taking prescription drugs.

According to Scientific America:

How can medications that have proved helpful in reducing depression also cause suicide? After all, suicide is a tragic complication of some cases of depression. Yet research and clinical observations over the past 40 years have raised concerns that these drugs produce suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts and possibly even suicide in a small subset of depressed patients.

…subjects on antidepressant medications had twice the risk (4 versus 2 percent) of suicidality (suicidal thoughts and attempts) as compared with those on placebo.

They’ve known for 40 years that suicide can be a side effect of their drugs, yet many of their newly developed drugs continue to have the same effect. If you pay attention to TV commercials that push pharmaceutical drugs, you know that many of the “small print” voice-overs state that suicidal thoughts may be a potential side-effect. Why is that? According to Natural News:

A new study has just found that antidepressants are actually decreasing the amount of serotonin in many patients’ brains, instead of increasing it as they are meant to. Serotonin is a feel good brain chemical that’s thought to be lacking in depression patients, and depression drugs are meant to function by increasing serotonin levels. However, according to Columbia University’s Dr. Rene Hen who led the study, in about half of the population “the more antidepressants try to increase serotonin production, the less serotonin (these people) actually produce.” So, for half of the population, these drugs would actually be making the condition worse.

Wouldn’t the drug companies try to remedy that side effect instead of producing more drugs that may produce suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts?

It does not seem beyond the realm of possibility that at least some pharmaceutical companies could be on a government payroll to develop drugs that would cause people to kill. Seems a useful tool for, say, the DoD.

Are Americans the guinea pigs of the big drug companies? I think we are both their guinea pigs and cash cows. And I wonder who is pocketing all their profits?

UPDATE: Just now from Natural News, Before his death, father of ADHD admitted it was a fictitious disease:

ADHD was merely a theory developed by Eisenberg. It was never actually proven to exist as a verifiable disease, despite the fact that Eisenberg and many others profited handsomely from its widespread diagnosis…

“Remember, there are two ways drug companies can make money: Invent new drugs, and invent new diseases already invented drugs can treat,” writes Dr. Jay Parkinson, M.D., M.P.H., about the fake disease-creation industry.

Much more to this article. You can find it at

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