Is Snowden being used to prepare us for another 9/11?

According to government officials:

“The intelligence community is already seeing indications that several terrorist groups are in fact attempting to change their communication behaviors based on what they’re reading about our surveillance programs in the media.”

Secretary of State John Kerry said that “people may die as a consequence of what this man [Snowden] did.”

“It is possible that the United States will be attacked because terrorists may now know how to protect themselves in some way or another, that they didn’t know before,” he said (Officials: How Edward Snowden Could Hurt the U.S.).

How convenient. Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, etc. were small events compared to 9/11. However, through those events, did the government discover they needed something bigger to accomplish their goals? Also, the public’s view of the president isn’t so good these days. Does he want his own 9/11 so he can play the hero like Bush did?

My point is that Snowden’s “leak” of this information gives them a way to stage another 9/11 without having to admit that the intelligence community missed something. The ineptitude of missing chatter of a major attack would provide critics with a good argument against their spy schemes. However, with the Snowden leak, if there’s a huge disaster, they will say it happened because they didn’t have time to arrange a new way of spying on the terrorists because the terrorists had “change[d] their communication behaviors.”  It will allow the government to continue spying on us and provide a reason for more spying. While we suffer through another 9/11 and its consequences.

Also, isn’t it suspicious that Snowden just happened to travel to countries with which the president was meeting? Russian and China don’t particularly like us and are mocking our president. China holds lots of U.S. debt. Russian soldiers have been seen training in the U.S. and there are reports that Chinese troops have been spotted near our southern border.

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