No worries, the Russians will be here to help

From SHTF Foreign Boots on American Soil: Russia To Share Military “Security Experts” With United States During Mass Disaster Incidents and Emergencies

FEMA and Russians

So, during another phony event like the Boston bombing, we’ll go from this


and this


to this

Russian soldiers Russians take prisoners from Georgian port

Except for the silly pajama-like uniforms, do you think we’ll be able to tell the difference? Of course, on our soil, they’ll be wearing our uniforms, unless they want us to know they’re not Americans. If they dress like our forces and are interspersed amongst them, I don’t think any of us will know they’re here.

Some believe the Russians and/or other foreign troops have already taken part in recent drills, such as Sandy Hook:

Here’s a quick synopsis of the new FEMA-Russian co-op:

See, also, Russian Forces to Provide “Security” At US Events.

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