Will they be able to kill us through electronic health records?

A couple of weeks ago, I was greatly displeased that a local McClinic now requires a digital photograph of each of its patients. If anyone out there still thinks that obamacare is about offering affordable healthcare to Americans, they are mistaken. It’s always been about control – control of the nation’s money and its citizens.

Does anyone remember this current, supposedly compassionate president suggesting that “grandma” be left to suffer with a broken hip? Just give her pain meds ’til she’s dead because she’s not worth the money it would cost to fix her. It’s absolutely disgusting. He may not care about his own relatives, but most of the rest of us have genuine compassion for others, particularly our own. The global elitists and their minions don’t care about anyone but themselves.

Anyway, I came across this article this morning: They Can Kill You With the Push Of a Button: Gaping Security Holes In Your Electronic Health RecordsRight. It wasn’t enough for “them” to watch and listen to all that we do, they had to get their filthy hands on the most intimate details of our lives. This is not new information. However, it’s seen from a different point of reference after all the “leaks” about government spying. (I stand by my assessment that the leaks are actually threats.)

From the article:

But with the continued centralization of our personal records, especially our electronic health records (EHR) under new universal health care mandates, there’s a new risk to every single American, and one that leaves us physically exposed to the real threat of being killed with the push of a button…

Three risks common to both paper and electronic records include include: 1) the risk of inappropriate access, 2) the risk of record tempering, and 3) the risk of record loss due to natural catastrophes…

The ability to make changes to an electronic record depends upon the rights assigned to a user.  Users with data modification privileges can generally add, delete, or modify data or entire records.  Data can also be tampered with by directly accessing the files stored on the EHR servers using a server account rather than an EHR user account…

Our medical records are being centralized into one massive database, and by putting all the data in one place we are creating an easy mark for hackers…

The threat of malicious attacks is more real now than ever before as more systems come online and connect directly to the internet.

access to your medical records poses an immediate and catastrophic threat to your health and well being…

Thousands of Americans are killed every year because of medical malpractice. And in coming years, as we become more dependent on Electronic Health Records, there is a real possibility that nefarious individuals with the intent to harm you directly, or even engage in a mass attack on our health care system, will modify medical records with the intention of killing people remotely.

Some thought-provoking comments on the article:

Anonymous July 9, 2013 at 7:57 AM

I am in the military health care system- and nothing is right in my medical records except my lab work. It started in 02 with an EKG for a 398lb woman with my name on it. As years passed & an auto accident which has disabled me – I lost the court case because the Dr.(s) didn’t document my injuries or symptoms. They won’t even label me disabled because the records don’t support it. Biggest complaint- they won’t change any of it. That record haunts me as I can’t get the treatment needed as the specialists tell me I’m wasting their time after receiving the record and refuse to examine me.

Anonymous July 9, 2013 at 8:20 AM

I have asked for copies of medical records several times. Every single one had major mistakes in it, including listing me as taking drugs I had never even heard of. Not only is this dangerous, those records are legal documents in court.
I have also sat in exam rooms, waiting the the doctor, while his computer sat open on a desk, with someone else’s records visible to me. We need to speak up when we see this.

Anonymous July 9, 2013 at 2:36 PM

Glad to see some coverage of this. Obama spent $2bil of stimulus money to electronically centralize medical records. There was no debate, even though medical records are supposed to be confidential. It also feeds into the NSA topic of privacy and whether the government has gone ahead with Total Information Awareness. Medical records are another tool in the arsenal of state control, and for little benefit – there was no outcry of demand for EMR other than from those who benefitted financially. Healthcare costs were never going to be addressed by cutting record keeping costs when companies are looting the system wholesale.

Where is this intrusion of our privacy going to end? When will there be enough outrage to stop what they’re preparing to do to us? Why do people continue to think that government intrusion is a good thing? (Is it because the media talking heads tell them it is?) When will the people begin to ask themselves why “they” are collecting so much information about us? It’s time for everyone to wake up and say “NO” instead of smiling nicely for the camera(s).

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