DHS looking for a firing range to train TSA workers

I love the way offgridsurvival.com puts it:

That’s right; the agency that has been groping crippled children, harassing old ladies, and expanding into bus and train stations is now going to be armed – because that’s just what we need, a bunch of uneducated peoples waving guns around while harassing the public.

Requisition for TSA training range

You can see the official requisition document at https://www.fbo.gov/?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=740bb150547aa4586e5bd5c870d49cf1&tab=core&_cview=0.

In part, it states:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has a requirement for a firearms range to conduct mandatory quarterly qualifications and other firearms training. NOTE:  THE RANGE MUST BE AN ESTABLSIHED RANGE; THIS IS NOT A REQUEST TO BUILD A RANGE. The range shall be within a 20 mile radius of the New York LaGuardia Airport. Furthermore, the range must be in a location that can be accessed by vehicle from the New York LaGuardia Airport without crossing a bridge and/or incurring a toll…

The range must provide 10-15 points of the facility (which must be separated/barricaded) for exclusive use for DHS personnel.  The range must provide a separate entrance/exit which will permit DHS personnel to enter/exit to the aforementioned 15 point area without interacting with the general public…

DHS requires to reserve to use of the range [sic] in 5 to 8 hour blocks. DHS personnel will use the range an average of 25 days per quarter.  The estimated number of rounds fired per year is 490,200…

The range must be able to accommodate the following: 9mm, .40, and .357 caliber ammunition…

Additionally, offerors are advised that the following clause will pertain to any contract award:     Release of Information: The Contractor shall not disclose, advertise, or release information about this contract to any individual or organization without prior written approval from the Contracting Officer.

And this:

The range rules must allow movement between firing points and not restrict movement-oriented firearms training by students (e.g. standing to kneeling transitions).  The range rules shall allow shooters to draw and fire from the holster and from concealment.  The range rules may not disallow a student from moving in front of the firing points with an instructor present, such as tactical move and shoot drills.

Does anyone feel more safe?

See offgridsurvival.com for a video on TSA agents stopping people on highways, and a couple more on their horrendous treatment of innocent American citizens.

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