President wants to govern without Congress

According to

Politico’s Glenn Thrush reports that after President Obama won re-election, he tried to find out ways of pushing his second term agenda without the Republican-led Congress.

Some examples:

President Obama: For three years, I have acted without Congress on Immigration

President Obama told Hispanic leaders in Congress this afternoon that his administration was willing to act without congress to help illegal immigrants, and demanded that Congress pass the Dream Act.

“My administration has been doing what we can without the help in Congress for more than three years now,” he said. “Last week, we took another step.

Obama: ‘With or without Congress’

President Obama requested broader authority from Congress to reorganize some government agencies and elevate one entity to the status of federal agency, promising that he would pursue these goals “with or without Congress.”

Obama: Whenever Congress won’t act, I will

“Now, whenever Congress refuses to act, Joe and I, we’re going to act,” Obama said this morning during an event on the payroll tax cut extension.

Emotional Obama vows gun control ‘without Congress’

President Obama was visibly angry during his press conference yesterday, voicing disappointment with the Senate for failing to pass an amendment requiring universal background checks for gun sales.

The president, however, insisted it was still possible to “bring about meaningful changes that reduce gun violence” outside of Congress.

This is a bit different than the last president, who passed everything the opposing party wanted. Or is it?

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