The end of freedom of speech (and thought)

I accidentally clicked a link to a YouTube trailer for Kirk Cameron’s new movie, or documentary, whatever it is, and this is what came up:

Kirk Cameron movie trailer

I’d seen recent headlines about Facebook banning links to the trailer. Why would they do that? What’s going on?

According to Charisma news:

Kirk Cameron’s new film Unstoppable encountered adversity Thursday when Facebook apparently blocked all posts that promote the film. Now YouTube is reportedly censoring the movie.

Cameron is quoted as saying:

“We have been officially shut down by Facebook and unable to get any response from them,” he said. “This is my most personal film about faith, hope, and love, and about why God allows bad things to happen to good people. What is ‘abusive’ or ‘unsafe’ about that?!”

There are a good number of snarky reports out there, even one accusing Cameron of lying about the Facebook and YouTube bans.

From what I can determine, a major reason this is happening is because he is perceived as being anti-gay. Even if that’s true, and I don’t believe it is, what offense was committed? Why would anyone care what he thinks? I don’t think anyone does.

In my humble opinion, the primary agenda of the gay rights cause is to dehumanize and silence Christians. If you think the real agenda is civil rights, you’re mistaken. The elitists don’t give a hoot about any individual or group of people but themselves. They use individuals and groups to serve their cause. Period. There’s no compassion or care for others. It’s all about them and the masters they serve.

To all those who believe the government is fighting for them, wake up. When you’re no longer useful for their cause, they will crush you with the rest of us. Don’t be deceived. Stand up for freedom of thought and speech because someday you will be the one “they” don’t agree with.

The censoring of Kirk Cameron is another example of thought-coercion, the forced manufacturing of sheeple.

We have become a nation (a world?) where anyone who disagrees with the elite’s manufactured narrative is beaten down like a whack-a-mole critter, bashed over the head like those gophers in that arcade game.

If people would only realize that there is no real “us” against “you” or “you” against “us”. That’s the manufactured narrative the media spews like sewage from a burst pipe.

There is only us against “them”, the global elitists who want to control the world for their own purposes. As we fight against each other, “they” get stronger. Divide and conquer. It’s the oldest tactic in the world.

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