Christians, and others, in the crosshairs

Yesterday, I mentioned my belief that the global elite are using the gay agenda to dehumanize and silence Christians. More specifically, conservative Christians. Today, I came across this blog post: Declaration of War on American Values: Battalion Commander Tells Troops that Patriots, Christians belong to Hate Groups.

In an email sent to subordinate military leaders, LTC Jack L. Rich of the U.S. Army wrote:

Rich email 1

He subsequently lists “domestic hate groups” in alphabetical order:

Rich email domestic hate groups

The Sovereign Citizens Movement has the longest description, which, in my opinion, provides the “blank check” to reprogram soldiers and anyone else who disagrees with the government’s official narrative. For instance, the description mentions those who believe we shouldn’t have abandoned the gold standard and families who home-school their children. The email also accuses these so-called Sovereigns of civil disobedience and violence against law enforcement:

Rich email_sovereign stmt 3

Although the email provides specific organizations for each group on the list, it does not do so for this movement

Rich email_sovereign stmt 2

even though the email alleges the following:

Rich email_sovereign stmt 1

According to the email, the so-called Sovereigns have national seminars, newspapers, and radio programs. But there is still no way to identify them? Even with all the sophisticated NSA snooping? Come on. What this is really saying is that everyone who is suspicious of the government’s official narrative is a potential domestic terrorist and, like the “father-son team” in Arkansas, they don’t like authority figures, they’re heavily armed, and they will murder law enforcement for no good reason.

Pair that belief with the militarized police forces throughout our nation. Pair it, also, with the fact that they know who we are (“we” meaning everyone). For example, by scanning your license plate, or through facial recognition, a law enforcement officer discovers a “red flag” that some spy agency placed upon your records because you read “alternative” news sources. If the officer decides to stop you, guess what his mindset will be? You are a potential domestic terrorist that may be heavily armed; therefore, he calls for lots of backup and they approach you with adrenalin pumping and guns drawn. At that point, the odds are not in your favor. Just read the reports of all the family dogs that hyped-up officers are shooting.

LTC Rich’s email seems to indicate that the military is brainwashing its recruits into accepting the official narrative and confronting anyone who does not. We know that the military is working with and training local law enforcement, as seen in the Boston bombing exercise. And how many retired military take jobs with local police forces? What about the military police now illegally patrolling our cities?

Lastly, the government is already targeting Christians who are in the military. From Pentagon Taps Anti-Christian Extremist for Religious Tolerance Policy. They’re referring to the whiny, potty-mouthed Mikey Weinstein, who said, among other things:

“Today, we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces.”

This is an important bit of information. This is the man they chose to write their religious tolerance policy. What does that say about the government’s attitude toward Christians?

In addition, also from Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith.

How about this: Military Orders Cross Removed From Chapel. Does that remind you of the current president having the religious symbols covered during his speech at Georgetown, a Catholic university? The university agreed to hide a mosaic of Jesus, a cross, and the IHS symbol, which represents the name of Christ.

I’ve gone on long enough. “They” are going to try to make things hard for those who do not go along with them. Nonetheless, it makes me laugh. Do they really think they’re going to eliminate God? The Scriptures say that God Himself sits in the heavens and laughs at such antics. What they’re doing is just silly. They may one day be able to silence Christians, but they’ll never silence God. The Scriptures say that Jesus will return and destroy His enemies by speaking a word or two. Who gets the last laugh then? God.

What LTC Rich’s email reveals is that “they” have now openly declared that God is not an “Army Value” and their actions support the declaration. The actions of the global elite and its minions, including the current and former administrations, reveal that God is not a government or elitist value either.

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