Florida man wanted to cook and eat children

Where does evil like this originate? According to 9 News:

LARGO, Fla. – The details in this case are so deviant and so diabolical the contents of the federal documents are creating a visceral reaction in people.

Those who read the material become sick to their stomachs…

Brown started his puppeteer company in 1992, Puppet Plus. On Facebook, Brown brags about performing in schools and malls, even for the Tampa Bay Rays.

But it’s what he’s allegedly doing online that has federal agents interested. Brown and another man were chatting, detectives say, about kidnapping kids and eating them, even going so far as to describe, in detail, what the men wanted to do with the body parts. The conversations are graphic and vile…

According to documents, Brown was targeting a little boy at a local church.

He told FBI agents, he wanted to “eat” the child. Brown also admitted in the documents that he wanted to strangle children, that he was in a group on Yahoo where he discussed his fantasies online.

It isn’t safe to entertain evil thoughts. According to tampabay.com:

A search of his house and computer files at Whispering Pines mobile home park yielded hundreds of images of dead children and pornographic shots of boys being tortured, according to court documents.

This man “performed his puppet shows for years on a Christian Television Network show called Joy Junction.”

Evil is flourishing. We’d better pray, especially for the children, and claim the promises of protection found in Psalm 91.

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