Are FEMA camps being equipped with guillotines?

The reports that the government is ordering guillotines seem really farfetched. I mean, why guillotines? If they want to murder folks, gas and bullets seem more efficient.

However, the Bible says that in the last days people are going to be beheaded. It also says that God’s saints will return with Him to make war on the devil and his minions. Is there perhaps some demonic belief that beheading will neutralize the saints of God so they can’t return to fight with Him? I’m just speculating. However, “they” must have a reason for choosing this form of execution. If they have indeed chosen it.

So, for your consideration, a few You Tube videos on the subject:

From David Vose. At about six minutes in he points out what he believes is a guillotine in an Arizona FEMA camp:

This next video claims that Congress authorized the purchase of 30,000 guillotines. It also addresses the thousands of disposable coffins that are being stored throughout the nation. Debunkers state they are actually grave liners being stored by undertakers or cemeteries for legitimate burials.

The video also mentions that the Postal Service is using colored dots to identify who is for and against the government. Now, there are dots on mailboxes throughout my neighborhood. There’s even one on my mailbox. They’re there to signify that no mail is to be placed in that box. Perhaps I should begin to worry if the color of the dot changes? Anyway, the video (check out the fancy Chanel guillotine):

The next video is very informative. Although it begins with the despicable Shep Smith, he soon introduces Judge Napolitano and after that clip, we are shown official FEMA camp documents, and there is much more. No guillotines, but very important info:

I’ll leave it at that. Next post: Rex 84.

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