Hundreds of terrorists escaping from prisons

How does this happen? And what does it mean? From the AP:

Interpol has issued a global security alert in connection with suspected al-Qaida involvement in several recent prison escapes including those in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan.

The Lyon, France-based international police agency says that the alert follows “the escape of hundreds of terrorists and other criminals” in the past month.

I can’t believe so many prison breaks, involving high-level prisoners, just happen. “They”, the global elite, are up to something. According to the AP report:

The alert also comes a day after the U.S. issued an extraordinary global travel warning to Americans about a possible al-Qaida attack.

The U.S. is closing 21 of its embassies and consulates in the Muslim world this weekend, while Britain, France and Germany have announced the closures of their embassies in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa.

US shutting down embassies _Aug 2013

The U.S. government usually tells us how rosy things are in the Muslim world. Why are they now trying to keep people from visiting and why are they moving their people out? Are there things happening that they don’t want us to see? Covert operations? False flag? Time will tell.

UPDATE: From Global Research, One Day After Russian Asylum for Snowden: Obama Administration Launches Terror Scare

Friday’s terror alert comes in the midst of a public relations campaign by the administration to portray the spying programs as legal and carefully monitored by Congress. This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing to take testimony from top officials of the NSA and the Justice Department concerning the programs. Amid talk of the need for “transparency” and “accountability” from some of the senators on the committee, the hearing only underscored the absence of any serious or principled opposition in Congress and the complicity of both parties, the Congress and the courts in the buildup of the apparatus of a police state…

Meanwhile, virtually every day brings new revelations of pervasive spying programs. A CNET report released Friday stated that the FBI has been pressuring telecommunications providers to install “port reader software” that enables real-time interception of internet metadata, including IP addresses, e-mail addresses, identities of Facebook correspondents, and sites visited by government surveillance agencies. As CNET wrote: “The US government is quietly pressuring telecommunications providers to install eavesdropping technology deep inside companies’ internal networks to facilitate surveillance efforts.”

And from the Daily Sheeple, State Department Terror Alert sponsored by the very same terrorists Obama wants to give weapons to

In the shadow of this threat, I find it absurd then when we take into account this administrations drive to provide munitions to those factions in Syria posing as rebel fighters of whom it is common knowledge that thousands are known to be al-Qaeda operatives.

Could this latest “threat” have anything to do with the Benghazi debacle?

Terror Alerts aren’t the only thing creasing or raising peoples eyebrows today as yet more sordid details made their way into the public commonwealth connected to Obama’s most notorious phony scandal to date involving the September 11th, 2012, terror attack by Islamic (al-Qaeda linked) radicals on our U.S. Embassy in Benghazi which left our U.S. Ambassador & 3 other Americans murdered. Specifically the August 1st, 2013, CNN report claiming the CIA engaged in a massive, “unprecedented” intimidation campaign to keep incriminating specifics about Benghazi under wraps..

So we have Obama engaging in obstruction by dispersing Benghazi Survivors across the United States & changing their names in the midst of his administrations intimidation campaign & Darrell Issa’s ongoing investigation. We have more allegations surfacing, intimating that events that were taking place in Benghazi under the late Ambassador Steven’s stewardship at the time involved the shipping & transfer of  surface to air missiles out of Libya, through Turkey, & on into the hands of Syrian rebels. These would be the same stockpiles too by the way of thousands of surface to air missiles that had purportedly vanished without a trace immediately following the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime at the height of the Libyan Civil War.

There’s much more to the Daily Sheeple post, including several videos.

So much is happening. No doubt “they” are up to something.

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