Students terrified in school bus SWAT drill

There is something unethical and disgusting about this terror drill. Think of all the counselors that would be brought in if a real school bus highjacking occurred. Is it okay to terrorize students if you subsequently tell them it was just a drill?

Statements made by the students and Jeff Culler, Rossford Schools Transportation Director, make it clear that the students and school bus driver didn’t know what was going to take place, in order to make the drill more realistic. More realistic for whom? Mr. Culler mentions the bus driver. Did they need to terrorize students in order to make the drill realistic for one bus driver? Or was it to capture real fear?

As you saw, a rather large audience watched a live feed of the students being tied up and terrorized. The bus eventually pulled into the parking lot where the audience was gathered and they subsequently watched the SWAT team “rescue” the students. They even applauded.

The girl at the end of the clip seems to sum up the message we’re supposed to take from this, “It’s good to know that when this does happen, there’s people who are there to stop it.” In other words, justification for the SWAT teams that are embedded within local police forces all over the nation, and which are presently under scrutiny for their sometimes reckless behavior. See the CATO Institute’s interactive map of Botched Paramilitary Police Raids. The number of raids they’ve recorded is shocking; however, so are the individual stories and the number of years this abuse has been taking place.

There’s something really wrong with this school bus terror drill – scaring students while an audience watches. It’s evil.

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