Man dies when police invade his home

From CBS New York:

Carlos Alcis, 43, died of an apparent heart attack early Thursday morning after police entered his Brownsville home. Police said they knocked and that Alcis let them in; his family said officers barged in around 5 a.m. and the father of nine and others in the basement apartment were awakened during the commotion.

All this started when a young woman called the police after being punched in the face and having her cellphone stolen. She was driven around in a police car until someone was spotted running into an apartment building. That’s when the police began knocking on doors. According to a family member:

Officers did nothing in the 30 minutes after Carlos Alcis fell to the ground. Officers said they performed CPR on Alcis, who was later pronounced dead at the scene.

“With more than 10 police officers inside of the house, my nephew here had to call 911 for my brother,” Rudy Alcis said.

The police spoke to Mr. Alcis’ 15-year-old son, but the victim said he was not the thief.

Here’s what a few commentators on the CBS article had to say:


It was a cell phone, I doubt the cops needed to barge in. Maybe a nice knock and can we talk to the residents?

Remove From List

must have been one [heck] of a cell phone…cops do these raids every day in the US how many people do they harm and for what .. oh yea our safety.


We must end no-knock/dynamic entries and demilitarize our police. All for a stupid cell phone.


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