Why have we begun to trust Russian media?

From my understanding, the Russians are the experts of propaganda. However, it seems that some are believing, or pretending to believe, that Russian news is more trustworthy than U.S. reporting. Who would have expected that during the Cold War era? Are Americans really believing that the Russians are telling us the truth about our country?

I bring this up because of a recent Russian news story about the Bayou Corne sinkhole in Louisiana, which the U.S. media refuses to cover. Well, they did cover it recently when they discovered exciting footage of trees falling into the watery hole. Before and since, they haven’t cared that fellow Americans have been displaced, that the hole is growing at an alarming rate, that methane bubbles up from beneath, that radium levels are elevated, and it goes on and on. It’s a disgrace that it is being covered up and nothing is being done about this tragedy. On the other hand, why is Russian media interested and why are American bloggers so convinced that the Russians are telling the truth about it?

In addition, I bring this up because many bloggers have been linking to RT videos. RT, that’s the English-language news channel formerly known as “Russia Today”. In fact, I’ve probably embedded some of their videos myself. What is RT? According to Wikipedia:

It is registered as an autonomous non-profit organization funded by the federal budget of Russia through the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

It doesn’t sound any more trustworthy than U.S. media.

Now, we have Vladimir Putin, Russian president (again) and former KGB spy who was stationed in Germany. He is credited with bringing German banks into St. Petersburg. Suddenly, a Russian president appears to want peace more than the American president, the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Putin and RT know the news the U.S. mainstream media won’t touch. In other words, they’re keeping track of what’s being said by alternative media – the so-called conspiracy theorists.

While Putin has been stating that Assad did not use chemical weapons, Fox News talking heads have been emphasizing the “fact” that he did. Most U.S. media outlets are right this minute stating that Putin is setting the U.S. up with his chemical weapons peace plan. He is. He knows he has the stronger position and he’s backing the U.S. into a corner. In addition, many Americans believe and agree with him and do not believe or agree with the U.S. president or his media.

So, where am I going with this? We have Putin outmaneuvering the U.S. president, Russian troops are either stationed or training in the U.S., and Russian propaganda is being considered more reliable than U.S. news. The alternative media like RT because it confirms what they’ve been reporting. However, it’s coming from the Russian government. Are they really interested in the truth about the U.S.?

As fewer and fewer Americans trust their media and government, will they begin to look to others for the truth? Will they one day ask for help to rid the nation of corrupt politicians?

History reveals that when nations ask for help from more powerful nations, the more powerful come and take over. Are we being set up to ask for Russia’s help?

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