Special response team that “extracted” Dzhokhar Tsarnaev responds to Navy Yard shooting

According to Boston.com, “ATF special response team activated in Washington shootings also responded in arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev”:

The team, a full-scale tactical team, is based in Washington, D.C. It is one of five regional teams that the ATF has stationed across the country, with a total of 145 full- and part-time members. The teams have been activated 217 times over the last five years…

The tactical team is trained in response strategies including explosive and mechanical breaching, hostage rescue, dynamic and covert entry techniques, and rappelling and fast rope training.

Operations include the execution of arrest and search warrants, home invasion investigations, robbery investigations, undercover operations, high-risk surveillance, and quick reaction and response to public safety and natural disasters.

The team also specializes in emergency medical care and crisis negotiations.

And from 7News, Boston, a report that focuses on the weapons used in the Navy Yard shooting:

NBC reported that Aaron Alexis was armed with three weapons including an AR-15, a similar weapon to what was used by Adam Lanza at Newtown’s Sandy Hook School earlier this year…

James Holmes also used an AR-15 when he shot and killed 12 people in an Aurora, Colo. movie theatre last summer…

Randomly adds this change of subject:

The special response team that went in to the Navy Yard was recently seen in Boston during the search for Dzhokar Tsarnaev after the Boston Marathon bombing.

ATF officials did not say what role the team played in the nation’s capitol on Monday, but Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said the group of highly-trained marksmen was commendable.

“We worked closely with ATF throughout marathon bombing, they have some tremendous people, crime scene response people. They have other people that are tactical in nature. Not sure which team is working down there, but we have a great relationship with them,” Davis said.

Fox News seems to have mentioned the team’s response to the shooting, but that story can no longer be found:

link to Boston bombing_article scrubbed_more text_different search

All Fox News stories about Alexis now link to this story about his mental health:

link to Boston bombing_article linked

Speaking of Fox News, as I’ve said before, it’s propaganda for the right-wing. As you can see, they’re focusing on Alexis’ mental health and the need for better background checks. To add to that potential invasion of privacy, Elizabeth Hasselbeck spouted this stupidity:

Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck believes “the left” is trying to use the Navy Yard shooting as an argument for more “gun control” measures, when what we really need is to monitor video game purchases and the amount of time spent playing them…

“I’m not one to get in there and say, monitor everything, but if this, indeed, is a strong link, right, to mass killings then why aren’t we looking at frequency of purchases per person? And also, how often they’re playing and maybe they time out after a certain hour.”

Few individuals could come up with that without some help. Such nonsense usually takes a committee – a Fox News’ propaganda team, maybe?

What Fox News seems to be forgetting is the number of individuals who commit violent acts while on prescription medications. Granted, most of those listed are teenagers; however, if Alexis had as many mental issues as is being reported, perhaps this is an area for further investigation, rather than suggesting that the government monitor people who like to play video games.

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