Navy Yard workers emerged at end of day looking shell-shocked and walking as if on their way to a refugee camp

According to Greta Van Susteren, on the evening of the 16th she watched as Navy Yard workers left for the day. Here is her account:

  • Police started releasing people from the buildings at 4 or 5 o’clock.
  • Walked past in long lines.
  • They all looked shell-shocked.
  • It looked like a walk to a refugee camp, a slow walk, staring straight ahead.
  • People looked vacant, wouldn’t answer media’s questions. Some simply said, “I just want to go home.”
  •  “They all sort of slowly left the buildings in lines, walking towards the brand new ballpark here in D.C., it’s about five blocks away. Nobody was talking. A few were on cellphones telling loved ones they’re okay, they managed to make it out. But otherwise, they weren’t stopping, talking to the  media–not many of them. Obviously deeply distressed by this.”

I’ve seen news footage of people after similar tragedies and the behavior of these workers seems a bit odd. Is there any footage to back up her story?

She also mentioned that although the Navy Yard buildings were on lock down, media were allowed all over the area.

One last oddity. Fox reporter Rick Leventhal insisted that he had inside information from his police sources that the canine officer shot in the legs was in worse condition than was being reported because he had been shot with an AR-15. Did Rick’s sources get their info from CNN?

One last fact. The Washington Post is reporting that Alexis was shot several times in the head. How convenient. I had read elsewhere that the alleged shooter’s body was identified through its fingerprints. On second thought, perhaps the reporting on Alexis’ demise is another oddity, rather than fact.

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