The Hakken’s strange story of mind control, kidnapping, and government harassment

In April 2013, Joshua and Sharyn Hakken kidnapped their two young sons from the home of the boys’ maternal grandparents. The family sought asylum in Cuba, but the Cubans turned them over to the U.S. government. The contents of documents pertaining to their kidnapping case are just now being reported. In them, the Hakkens tell a bizarre story of uncovering the government’s secret mind-control agenda and their subsequent harassment by the U.S. government.

The timing of the reporting is interesting, considering the recent coverage of the Navy Yard shooting and its connection with mind control and possible government harassment and manipulation of Aaron Alexis.

It seems the Hakkens once enjoyed a nice, normal life. Both were engineers by trade. Sharyn worked ten years for Hanecki Consulting Engineers and Joshua worked for Hahn Engineering. However, according to an FBI assessment found in the court documents, Joshua “lost his engineering job last year because of ‘erratic behavior and continually coming to work smelling of marijuana.'”

According to the Huffington Post, the Hakkens lived in the Tampa area, close enough to MacDill Air Force Base to see the base’s annual air show from their home.

Joshua had been a cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy for two years but did not complete his studies. According to a news reporter who read some of the court documents, Joshua claimed that while at the Academy he was a victim of torture and mind control experiments. According to the FBI assessment, “Joshua Hakken ‘felt the Air Force was trying to ‘poison’ the minds of cadets.'”

Nevertheless, life for the Hakkens changed in 2012. According to the HuffPo article:

…police in Louisiana came upon a disturbing scene in a hotel room: The Hakkens were inside with drugs and weapons, talking about “completing their ultimate journey” and saying they were traveling across the country to “take a journey to the Armageddon,” Daniel Seuzeneau, a spokesman for Slidell Police, said in a news release. Their two children were in the room at the time.

Another news agency reports:

Police were called to a motel the family was staying in after receiving calls that Sharyn was running down the halls and knocking on people’s doors.

“They got a report there was a lady loud and running around the halls and knocking on doors,” said Jorge Leon Chalela, an attorney representing Joshua Hakken. “When they responded, they found her, they made observations of her and also concluded they couldn’t engage in a proper dialogue.”

The report said officers also smelled marijuana in the room.

Joshua Hakken was arrested in [sic] drug charges. His wife was taken to a mental health facility and the two children, ages 2 and 4, were put into foster care.

Apparently, Sharyn had been beaten:

The Tampa Bay Times said the police report states officers noticed Sharyn had “multiple bruises on her body and bumps on her head, where it looked like she was beaten.” It also says Joshua Hakken “stated he has choked Sharyn to the point of unconsciousness before to relieve her of the spirits.”


Police in Louisiana did not charge Hakken with domestic violence.

According to the Slidell, Louisiana police report, Hakken stated,

“…Spirits would take over his wife’s body and talk through her. And that physical abuse was the only way to bring her back to reality and get the spirits to go away.”

I’m not sure what to make of all this. It’s possible that Hakken started behaving badly and is intentionally trying to appear insane to get a lighter sentence. On the other hand, he may be stating what he believes to be the truth.

Here are photos of the Hakkens before:

Hakkens before 2

And after:

Hakkens mugshots

Something seems to have happened to them, particularly to Joshua. Remember these alleged criminals?

James HolmesJared Lee LoughnerAdam Lanza

Again, either Joshua has studied these photos and is faking, or he really has been the victim of some sort of mind control and/or harassment.

According to a local news report, those who knew Hakken said:

“He was just a normal kid, who was very intelligent,” Dunnellon High teacher Steve Northsea told the Chronicle.

“He was a very good kid; all of the Hakkens’ kids were good. It was really a shock to hear that his life had taken such a turn. He did get the scholarship (to the U.S. Air Force Academy). We were all extremely pleased.”

“It’s hard to talk anything negative about him. He never had a temper, he always cooperated. He was always a part of the team. He showed up on time to meetings and events that he had going on,” said former classmate Tony Shaff.

Regarding Sharyn, the HuffPo reported:

“This is a train that went completely off the tracks, and I don’t have any explanation for how it can go off the track that badly basically in a year and a half. It’s very bizarre,” said Darrell Hanecki, who employed Sharyn Hakken for nearly a decade at Hanecki Consulting Engineers.

Hanecki said she was an easygoing and relaxed employee who worked from the home they owned in sunny Tampa so she could spend more time with the kids. She brought the boys into the office a few times to show them off to her colleagues.

“The kids were really well-behaved. From everything I could tell, she was a great mom. Her kids were definitely her priority,” Hanecki said.

What happened to the Hakkens? A subsequent report stated:

They claimed they had uncovered through their jobs that U.S. officials were secretly trying to control Americans’ minds.

“After these discoveries … we were subjected to multiple attacks from our own government,” the Hakkens wrote. “These attacks included surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA), hacking of our personal computers, microwave radiation weapons attacks, drugging of our food, false imprisonments and the kidnapping of our two small children.”

From another report:

“We cannot safely return to the United States and are seeking political asylum in your country,” the Hakkens wrote in a letter explaining their predicament to the Cuban government. They claimed to have uncovered a shocking fact through their engineering jobs: U.S. officials were secretly trying to control Americans’ minds with chemicals spread from airplanes.

In the released documents, the Hakkens stated their concern that the government would begin targeting their children. So they took their sons and fled in a small boat to seek safety through asylum in whichever South American country would take them. Now they’re in jail and their sons are again with their maternal grandparents. The boys believe their parents had taken them on a vacation.

Of course, since “they” never let a good story go to waste, we have this recent headline from a Tampa newspaper: Mental illness, right-wing conspiracies seen as volatile mix for Joshua and Sharyn Hakken. This is a truly horrendous and unconscionable story. For example, it states:

While the Hakkens’ beliefs sound outlandish to the unpracticed ear, some of their ideas have a recognizable lineage among political extremists.

It seems Joshua mentioned HAARP on his Facebook page and told readers to stay away from the Denver airport. According to the article:

Fears of HAARP and “chemtrails” — the airplane exhaust patterns the Hakkens highlighted in their Cuban asylum letter — are common discussion topics on some tea party Web forums. Both made the Southern Poverty Law Center’s 2010 list of the radical right’s 10 most popular conspiracy theories.

As I mentioned, the timing of the release of this information is suspect. Since the Navy Yard shooting (a story which seems to have been buried after the mind control info came out), self-proclaimed Conservatives are insisting that regular behavioral background checks are a necessity and that the mentally unstable shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. Being either stupid or on the side of evil, they are arguing against what they claim to be, as it is the right-wing that is being portrayed as paranoid and insane.

Nevertheless, many hours of audio and video and over 1500 pages of documents concerning the Hakkens were released in August. I expect more information will be released through media sources where and when it suits “their” agenda.

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