National Flood Insurance Program, part 2

What is happening in our country? Prices for everything continue to rise. (Except gasoline, but how long will that last?) Now, Americans are about to start paying hundreds of dollars more per month for healthcare insurance and many homeowners will have to pay hundreds or thousands more per year for flood insurance. Both insurance programs are run by the Federal Government.

Obamacare is big news. (Where was news of it when it could have been stopped?) However, the rise in NFIP rates, the flood insurance program run by FEMA, is not being covered by the mainstream media. I wrote about the program in a previous post and the Washington Free Beacon is writing about the rate increases today.

According to their article, last Saturday, homeowners around the country held rallies protesting the increase in flood insurance rates. The Free Beacon attended a rally held in Toms River, NJ.

Many of those in attendance said they might be forced to walk away from their homes, as they could not afford the tens of thousands of dollars in flood premiums.

George Kasimos, founder of Stop FEMA Now, claims that 750,000 New Jersey homeowners have no idea how they will keep their homes.

He called the implementation of the Biggert-Waters Act, which takes effect Oct. 1, the “next shoe to drop.”

The Biggert-Waters Act authorized FEMA to issue new flood maps and the National Flood Insurance Program to raise flood insurance rates in order to shore up the federal program, which is billions of dollars in the red.

“The rest of the country is now starting to wake up“, he said, pointing to a Mississippi lawsuit filed this week.

Kasimos said properties will become unsellable, local governments will lose their tax base, and “local economies are going to be devastated.”

This is very serious and should be big news. How serious is it? One of the politicians who sponsored the bill is now trying to cover her behind:

Just before midnight on the eve of the national rally, Stop FEMA received a statement from Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.).

“I am outraged by the increased costs of flood insurance premiums that have resulted from the Biggert Waters Act, Waters said. “I certainly did not intend for these types of outrageous premiums to occur for any homeowner.”

“When I agreed to coauthor this legislation, our goal was to create a bipartisan solution to repair our National Flood Insurance Program. Neither Democrats nor Republicans envisioned it would reap the kind of harm and heartache that may result from this law going into effect,” Waters said.

She said she will work with Congress and FEMA to fix the problem, and she is “committed to fixing the unintended consequences” of the Biggert-Waters Act.

Everything the government does has “unintended consequences” – if that’s what they want to call them. If politicians are stupid, what about all the “experts” they hire to recognize “unintended consequences” before they happen? Do stupid politicians ignore them? Or are the politicians really evil and, therefore, what they later call “unintended” was intentional all along? After all, when was the last time you saw a liberal politician concerned that a Federal program was in the red?

Nevertheless, even if Waters really wanted to fix the problem, how many people will lose their homes before Congress can get around to getting anything done?

Those at the rally discussed the financial strain that will result for them if Biggert-Waters is not repealed or changed quickly.

Stanley Rucinski said he is currently living in a FEMA trailer in Manchester, N.J. His home in Silverton, N.J. sustained 61 percent damage and is still in disrepair.

“I might have to walk away,” Rucinski said, adding that his displacement may become permanent if Biggert-Waters takes effect. He said he is uncertain if he can even afford to live there if costs increase as expected. “I’m in limbo.”

Rucinski left the rally with a yard sign that he planned on placing near his FEMA trailer. The sign read, “Stop FEMA Now, Save Our Homes.”

Another New Jersey homeowner now pays $700 a year for flood insurance. She will soon be paying $15,000 a year. How many people could afford $1250 extra per month plus the mandatory new healthcare “tax” and rising food, product, and service prices?

According to the article:

Numerous speakers took to the podium in Toms River, including an insurance agent with 30 years’ experience. She said she could not figure out the new rates after reading the 80 pages of documents related to Biggert-Waters.

Everything that comes from the government is a monstrosity. When will more people begin to realize that? Perhaps when they lose their IRS refunds and/or handouts to pay obamacare fees or fines? Either that will wake them up to change things or it will be too late for change. (Didn’t someone recently campaign on “change”? Is this the change, the bankrupting of American families?) Nevertheless, the government has no business offering insurance to anyone for anything. Obamacare and the NFIP are proof of that.

These government “services” indeed seem to be designed to bankrupt families. What else are we to think after learning of their exorbitant rates? In addition, how will our economy ever recover if people don’t have money to spend? Was that one of the intended consequences for these programs?

Obamacare and the National Flood Insurance Program may harm our economy as badly as anything the mainstream media considers real news. The potential problems aren’t even covered by alternative media. I hope we’re not all blindsided by the effects of these programs as they reach farther and do more harm than we could have imagined.

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