Police may or may not have removed child from car before killing DC chase driver

During a CNN interview, an eyewitness reported seeing Miriam Carey’s eighteen-month-old removed from the car before police killed the child’s mother. From the interview:

She was surrounded by police and a lot of armed men and that’s when the gunfire began.

Did you see the child in the car?

That’s when I saw them try to pull someone from the car and realized when they actually pulled someone from the car it was a child…and as soon as the child was pulled from the car was when the gunfire really let loose.

And you heard the gunshots?

I heard the gunshots, I saw the policemen shooting, it appeared someone got out, and it looked like a rush of people running, so at that particular time you didn’t know if there was more suspects involved.

You can watch the entire interview on YouTube.

According to media reports,

Carey initially drove into the driveway leading to the White House at about 2:12 p.m. Thursday, hit some temporary fencing, then backed up, striking a Secret Service officer, who suffered minor injuries.

Officers told the driver to stop and placed a temporary barrier placed [sic] behind her car, and the driver backed into this fence and sped away, said law enforcement officials, who provided new details about the incident to NBC News on condition of anonymity.

Why would law enforcement have to speak “on condition of anonymity” concerning the truth about an event? Nevertheless:

The officials said Secret Service officers pursued her at high speed southeast on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The car was cornered near Garfield Circle and the Capitol Reflecting Pool a few minutes later. Video shot by the U.S.-funded Alhurra news network shows six officers with guns drawn approached the stopped car and attempted to order the driver from the vehicle. Carey whipped the car around, scattering the officers.

Alhurra is a U.S. propaganda network that airs its programming in Muslim nations. How fortuitous for them to have been right there when this part of the event occurred. Was their presence the reason the police did nothing more than aim their weapons at Ms. Carey? Here is the scene just before she “whipped the car around”. At this point, Carey isn’t the one who appears crazed.

police surround car

Who wouldn’t consider fleeing when being confronted with that? Nevertheless, no one shot at her at that time and she drove away. The media’s narrative continues:

Officers fired nine shots after Carey circumnavigated Garfield Circle, then exited onto Constitution Avenue, the officials said.

The chase ended minutes later at the northeast corner of the Capitol grounds, near the U.S. Supreme Court building, when a barrier stopped the Infiniti near Second Street Northeast. The officials said she became stuck on a median by a Capitol Police guard post, where she was shot dead…

Law enforcement officials who briefed NBC News on the case said that officers fired a total of 26 rounds at the driver, 34-year-old Miriam Carey of Stamford, Conn., who never left her vehicle.

Nothing is mentioned about officers removing the child. However:

taking child from car

If the car was stopped and they were able to remove the child, why weren’t they able to remove the mother without shooting her? There are no reports stating that she was armed. Are capitol police as wimpy as the politicians they protect? From the available information, the shooting doesn’t make sense.

Nevertheless, despite the CNN eyewitness’ statement that she saw the child removed from the car before officers shot Carey, other reporting states that police had already shot the woman:

Rep. Mike McCaul, a Texas Republican and chairman of House Homeland Security Committee, who was briefed by FBI and Secret Service on the incident, said an 18-month-old girl was in the car with Carey during the fatal confrontation. The child, who law enforcement sources said was believed to be Carey’s daughter, was not injured in the shooting and has been placed with child protective services, he said.

Are they trying to cover up the fact that police were shooting at Carey even though they knew she had a child in the car? Is that the reason for reports that DC’s different law enforcement agencies don’t use the same radio frequencies? See the article, Secret Service, Capitol Police radios couldn’t communicate during DC chase:

Terrance Gainer, sergeant at arms of the U.S. Senate, confirmed that the radio systems of the Secret Service and the Capitol Police operate on different frequencies and were unable to directly communicate as Miriam Carey raced down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Capitol.

“The Capitol Police radios don’t talk to the Secret Service radios and neither of them talk to the MPD” (Washington Police Department), Gainer told NBC News.

Spokesmen for the Secret Service and Capitol Police did not respond to requests for comment.

Do you sometimes think the Keystone Kops could do a better job? Nevertheless, the Alhurra footage proves that at least one agency knew that Carey had a small child with her. Therefore, how else can they cover their behinds but by insisting that the different agencies can’t hear what the other is reporting?

Here are a few photographs you may not have seen:

DC car 02

DC police removing shooting victim 2

DC police removing shooting victim 3

DC_car 01

According to Carey’s family:

The sisters said the family had not been properly notified by government officials about Miriam’s death, and added they had identified her body by looking at a photograph and not actually seeing her body.

Valerie Carey said the family learned of Miriam’s death from the media…

The sisters also said they don’t have much information about their niece, who they said has been taken by Child Protective Services.

This was Miriam Carey:

Ms Carey

Her family isn’t alone in questioning what happened in DC.

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