Some oddities in the DC car chase story

In my previous post, I addressed the differing reports as to whether the driver’s young daughter was in the car with her when Ms. Carey was shot and killed. In this post, I offer more reported facts that seem odd and/or bothersome.

For instance, there’s the report that Carey “rammed” her car into or through a barrier. According to the Wall Street Journal,

A woman died Thursday after she rammed a black Infiniti sedan into security posts near the White House and then drove toward Capitol Hill…

According to NBC news,

[Carey] was shot to death Thursday outside the U.S. Capitol after trying to ram her car through a White House barrier…

However, take a look at the car:

DC car 02

There are white scratches along the driver’s side door that are mostly hidden in this photo and some crumpling to the driver’s side fender. However, there is no damage to the car’s front end.

And here is some interesting news from a Stamford, CT media outlet regarding activity around Carey’s condo:

On Friday morning the law enforcement response appeared to be packing up. Stamford police officers still had the area cordoned off, and residents were still not being allowed into building 114. Residents whose cars were parked in the lot in front of it were able to get out. Bridge Street was reopened. There was still a state environmental response trailer and crew on the scene, though.

Thursday night, fire trucks had lined Washington Boulevard, with a hose line running down to the area of the condo complex’s lawn, where there are barbecue grills. Plastic tarpaulins had been strung up around the area, and emergency lights on telescoping poles shone down into it. Stamford police officers kept the public away, and people wearing FBI jackets or plain clothes swarmed around the property.

Were they having a party out by the barbeque grills? What else would they be doing on the lawn? Besides, why would there be such a massive fuss over Carey’s home? As the report states:

“This appears to be an isolated, singular matter, with, at this point, no nexus to terrorism,” Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine said.

The official narrative insists that Carey had mental health issues, a popular media assertion these days. As us/nbc news states:

Diagnosed with depression and psychosis, Miriam Carey had recently stopped taking her medications, according to investigators.

So, why the fuss over “an isolated, singular matter” involving a woman “diagnosed with depression and psychosis”? Perhaps it had something to do with her alleged belief that, as another us/nbc news report states:

the federal government had her under surveillance and the President Barack Obama was communicating with her.

Although the media made these accusations, they never elaborated and Carey’s family denies the veracity of the claims:

The family quashed reports in the media that Miriam may have thought President Barack Obama was stalking her.

“She’s not a terrorist, was not a terrorist,” Valerie Carey said. “To my knowledge, she did not believe that the president…was going to do her any harm.”

Initial reports stated that Carey was from Somalia, thus implying that terrorism was a motive. During the first official news conference, the first person to speak blatantly ignored questions about terrorism and the second said it was definitely ruled out. However, the third (Chief of DC Metro Police, Cathy Lanier, who spoke so often after the Navy Yard incident), when asked how terrorism could be ruled out when she was insisting that the investigation was preliminary, stated that it couldn’t be ruled out. If I remember correctly, it was at that point that she turned her back and walked away from the podium. Some of her colleagues followed, each looking into her face. The second man returned to the microphone and stated that it was indeed too early to rule out terrorism. Their statements and reactions made it appear as if they’d been cornered into admitting to the government’s interest in terrorism as a motive for Carey’s actions.

Terrorism would explain the to-do in Stamford. Here’s more of what happened there:

“It is a very methodical process not unlike Newtown,” an agent on the scene said.

A state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection response truck arrived at the scene around 8:30 p.m…

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection? Check out the website for this Connecticut government agency. What in the world were they doing at Carey’s condo? They deal with energy issues, such as “green” buildings, and environmental issues like fishing licenses and recycling.

And still more government agents were involved:

Before entering the condo Thursday evening, police used a bomb-detecting robot to enter Carey’s unit, 1C at 114 Woodside Green. Federal agents showed neighbors a photo of the suspect, but did not identify the woman, according to neighbors. Residents of the 212-unit complex were still not being allowed to re-enter their homes as of 9 p.m.

None of what happened in Stamford supports the official story being reported by media and government officials. Actually, the terrorist angle and the happenings in Stamford make a better story. So, why have media ignored it?

Here’s another bit of information from the Stamford article:

Kevin Morano said he lives two doors down from the suspect and said he only knew that Carey was a dental hygienist and that she drove fast in a black Infiniti and a white BMW.

As a side journey, the article then asks:

Investigators are piecing together any clues that would indicate why someone who appeared successful would strap her young daughter into a car seat in the back of a luxury car, drive to the nation’s Capitol, which is in the midst of a government shutdown, and act so erratically.

That’s arrogant editorializing and it’s offensive. Does anyone really believe that it’s only the poor and “unsuccessful” who act erratically? And what did the government shutdown have to do with it? The sentence represents the drivel being taught in America’s colleges and universities.

However, it does raise the question as to whether dental hygienists make enough money to own a Connecticut condo and one or two luxury cars. The article states that in 2011 Carey started a temp agency for dental hygienists, which she ran from her condo. Could someone whose former employer considered her merely an average worker have become so successful in business in less than two years? Surely, it’s possible. But is it true?

Anyway, another piece to this puzzling story is “Capital Shield 2014”, a government training exercise which took place September 30 through October 3rd. According to

More than 38 participating agencies from DOD and Capital region response agencies will perform mock mass casualty rescues, Defense Support to civil agency technical rescues and law enforcement tactical responses. The goal of the exercise is to ensure government agencies at every level are prepared to coordinate action to protect the public in the event of an actual disaster in the National Capital Region.

The car chase happened on October 3rd, the final day of the exercises. Isn’t it an amazing coincidence that so many real (or not) tragedies happen during government drills?

Notice that one of the goals of the drill was coordinated action between government agencies. As stated in my previous post, “Secret Service, Capitol Police radios couldn’t communicate during DC chase.” That’s because they don’t broadcast at the same frequency. Speaking of radios, law enforcement experienced radio failure during the Navy Yard shooting. According to Politico:

First responders from the Navy’s own fire and police departments had such trouble communicating with their radios during the deadly shooting chaos Monday at the Washington Navy Yard that they had to resort to personal cell phones and runners, according to sources who were on the scene.

The same thing happened to NYC first responders during 9/11.

Let’s also consider Carey’s road trip.


According to MapQuest, Stamford is about 270 miles from DC and a five or six hour drive. If Carey “initially drove into the driveway leading to the White House at about 2:12 p.m,” as nbc reported, that means she was on I-95 near New York during the morning rush hour, unless she left later and drove really fast. However, there are a good number of toll plazas on that route, which means she had to slow down.

It’s interesting that the neighbor interviewed by Stamford media remembers her as someone who drove fast:

“I know one thing; she always drove too fast,” Morano said.

The fact that the neighbor mentioned this twice and that local media used it as part of their story made me question the trip. After all, it was quite a trip, especially with a young child in the car. What state of mind was she in to be so determined after such a long drive? It doesn’t make sense. Is that why they have to portray her as psychotic?

There is also the news report from Eyewitness 3 of Connecticut about a second person in the car with Carey, a person who was taken into police custody. The reporter may have unwittingly been referring to Carey’s daughter, who was at some point taken from the car. However, some believe that video footage of the chase shows an adult riding shotgun. Here’s a still image from the footage:

two people in car

Here’s the news report, with commentary from Tatoott:

Keep in mind that the video of the chase was filmed by Alhurra, a U.S.-funded propaganda network that airs its programming in Muslim nations.

Those who criticize conspiracy theorists accuse of us of believing that every event is a false flag or the result of a conspiracy. However, what are we to make of the inconsistencies in the reporting of every event? Even if we believed that the government and media never have a clue as to what’s going on, or that they intentionally lie to us for no good reason, those would also be big problems that should be addressed.

As for this story, it seems to have more inconsistencies than recent, similar events. And that’s saying a lot because they’ve been piling up excrement each time something like this happens.

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