DC car chase leaves bloodless shooting scene and lightly damaged car

As with other recent, similar events, like Sandy Hook and the Boston “bombing”, available photographs and footage don’t support the official story.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail:

Witnesses say Carey plowed through a temporary barrier and hit a Secret Service agent who was trying to wave her off – sending him flying onto the hood of her car.

You’d think the car would have been damaged by being rammed into a barrier, which other sources say was made of concrete, and having a grown man bounce off the hood.

As for Carey being shot, from the Daily News:

“The car was trying to get away,” witness Matthew Coursen said. “But it was going over the median and over the curb. The car got boxed in and that’s when I saw an officer of some kind draw his weapon and fire shots into the car.”

By most accounts, shots were fired at her at least twice.

Here are photos of her car:

car front end

From this photo, it seems there might be a dent in the middle front of the hood and some damage below the grill. The driver’s side fender is crumpled and there are white scratches on the driver’s side door. Notice the medical debris on the ground, but no blood.

In the following photograph, there is no noticeable damage to the hood and the seeming damage below the grill is blocked by the pole:

DC car 02

Is it just me, or does the angle of the car seem a bit different? Notice the medical personnel.

Another photo:

the car_dog in photo

And another:

back of the car

How did the car get there, through a fence? Did the damage to the rear end happen during the encounter with the armed officers? The one in which Alhurra was conveniently present? Is that a bullet hole, or a keyhole over the ‘n’? Why aren’t there more bullet holes? It’s also hard to believe that law enforcement had been so violent, particularly with a small child in the car. Wouldn’t she have been in the rear seat?

The caption under the following photo states that the person on the gurney was a gunshot victim. Is it Carey? The person seems to have at least one arm raised.

on gurney with hands raised

Again, there’s no blood in the photos – not in the car, not on the ground. And, if this isn’t Carey on the gurney, is it the second adult, which some believe was in the car with her? Or did the police shoot one of their own? Or was it just a drill?

In a previous post, I included this photo, believing it showed officers removing Carey’s child from her car. However, the photo is not from the alleged crime scene.

taking child from car

Rather, it was taken outside some sort of building:

child outside building

Another photo of the same officer with the child:


The strangers seem to be treating her well. Here’s a photo of Carey’s family:

child with family

The caption doesn’t say whether the child is Carey’s. The lack of information always raises a red flag. It’s as if they’re not yet sure what will best fit the official narrative.

There is more strangeness with Carey’s family and boyfriend and with the story in general. As mentioned in my last post on the DC chase, this story has more strange details than other recent events.

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