obamacare website developed by company run by michelle’s friend

From the Drudge Report this morning:

Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is executive at company that built Obamacare website

Company behind Obamacare website in charge of nearly $2 billion in Sandy relief

From the first article:

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is a top executive at the company that earned the contract to build the failed Obamacare website.

Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI Federal, which earned the no-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at Healthcare.gov. CGI Federal is the U.S. arm of a Canadian company.

In a previous post, I quoted from a Fox News interview that stated the obamacare website cost $200 million, which would have paid for over 5,000 man years of work. This figure, $678 million, is much worse, to say the least.

From the second article:

CGI Federal Inc., the mastermind behind healthcare.gov, is assisting the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the distribution of $1.7 billion in relief for Hurricane Sandy…

The Associated Press revealed Tuesday that a mere $700 million of the $60 billion federal aid package – 1.2 percent of the total funds – has been given to victims of super storm Sandy.

Nearly a year after the devastating storm, a majority of the 24,000 families that have requested monetary assistance have yet to receive a penny from the federal aid package.

Disgusting is the word that comes to mind over how they’re treating our fellow Americans and our hard-earned money. What are they doing with it?

In case anyone thinks these problems are caused solely by left-leaning politicians, remember that obamacare was based on Mitt Romney’s plan for Massachusetts.

In addition, from the first article:

CGI was one of 16 companies qualified under the Bush administration to provide certain tech services to the federal government.

They’re all the same. The Left performs its evil in front of our faces and the Right from behind the scenes. The entire system is evil and corrupt. When good politicians enter it, it either corrupts, neutralizes, or destroys them. And it’s not limited to the United States; rather, it’s a worldwide system that is run by ancient, evil forces that clothe themselves in garments of light. That’s why everything sounds so nice, like Agenda 21 and promises of government compassion and aid.

Visit CGI’s website and notice the Agenda 21 vocabulary. Here’s a logo from the bottom of a page in which they explain their environmental commitment and how they are “Contributing to an improved and sustainable environment”:

cgi logo

If you want to see “their” agenda, visit the Rockefeller Foundation website. When visiting that site for a previous post, one of its headlines was in favor of obamacare. Today, it’s this:

rockefeller_universal healthcare

Universal healthcare. It sounds ethical and good; however, their ultimate agenda is pure evil. Their goal is the subjugation and/or elimination of those they claim to want to save. Although the agenda is not secret, nearly everyone tries to ignore it. Take, for example, the fact that they want to reduce the population to “save the planet”. How is that supposed to happen? See what Prince Philip, Bill Gates, and David Rockefeller have said. And what about the 130,000 whose lives are prematurely ended each year by the UK’s healthcare system? It’s not about helping anyone but themselves.

Those who refuse to see the evil behind the pretty scenarios are good people, which is why it is difficult for them to imagine that others can be purely evil.

However, those implementing the agenda have sold their souls for money and/or power. The world system is run by the fallen cherub, the one cast from heaven because he was evil. The global elite and their lackeys are the devil’s prostitutes and they are not to be trusted.

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