Mother burns off son’s penis, RFID chips in breast implants, and the ocean is dead

For those who don’t believe in real evil, from CBS in Connecticut:

Gelineau is also accused of burning her son’s nipples completely off, stabbing him with a pen and forcing him to eat worms.

“He was also told that if he did not eat some worms that were provided to him that they were going to burn his penis. He did in fact eat the worms,” prosecutor Tracy Connolly said.

An acquaintance of Gelineau’s, 20-year-old Daniel Tyler Cantrell, faces trial next month on multiple charges associated with the abuse. Cantrell is accused of twisting the 18-year-old’s ankle before it broke and also forcing him to eat feces.

From HuffPo:

Court documents describe how Gelineau burned her son’s penis and Cantrell burned the man’s nipples, holding a lighter to them for about two minutes as he screamed in pain. During this, Gelineau is accused of beating her son over the head with a stick.

Here’s the loving mother:

mother who burned off sons penis

More ways to spy on us

Then, there’s this new level of potential spying, RFID chips inside your body. From the New York Daily News:

Florida- and Belgium-based company Establishment Labs is set to market a new silicone breast implant equipped with a radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip that gives doctors and patients easier access to information about the implants, including their serial number, manufacturer name and other data…

The new product, Motiva Implant Matrix Ergonomix, will soon hit the market in 28 European countries, and the company is seeking approvals in South America, the Middle East and Asia, Establishment Labs said in a press release Thursday.

President’s choice to head DHS

There’s also the president’s choice as the replacement for Janet Napolitano, who left to head the California university system. According to the L.A. Times:

Janet Napolitano, the U.S. secretary of Homeland Security and former governor of Arizona, is being named as the next president of the University of California system, in an unusual choice that brings a national-level politician to a position usually held by an academic.

Nevertheless, the president’s choice to head the Department of Homeland Security is former Defense Department lawyer, Jeh Johnson. According to Russian Times:

Johnson, 56, served as a special counsel during John Kerry’s unsuccessful 2004 run for the presidency before assisting with Obama’s campaign four years later. During his first week in office, Obama nominated Johnson as DoD general counsel and he was confirmed by the Senate in Feb. 2009.

Up until his resignation from Defense Department attorney in December 2012, Johnson advised the largest military in the world, including during historic matters regarding the repeal of the Pentagon’s ban on openly gay troops and the reform of military commissions…

Johnson authorized the execution of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen and suspected senior figure in Al-Qaeda who was killed by a drone strike in Yemen in late 2011.

The New York Times reported shortly after that Johnson told attendees at a speech at Yale Law School that Belligerents who also happen to be US citizens do not enjoy immunity where non-citizen belligerents are valid military objectives.”

…Johnson also served as general counsel during the height of the WikiLeaks scandal.

It seems that in her farewell remarks, Napolitano gave this warning:

“Our country will, at some point, face a major cyber-event that will have a serious effect on our lives, our economy, and the everyday functioning of our society.”

The next thing you know, the president wants to replace her with someone the Activist Post describes as

the perfect candidate to re-write and administer new laws and regulations for the Internet following that “guaranteed” cyber attack, while ensuring that America’s special brand of military rule continues unchallenged abroad and at home.

Their conclusion:

Since Obama has repeatedly used his knowledge of Constitutional law to do everything in his power to circumvent it, then it is appropriate to see him choose a former Defense Department attorney, Jeh Johnson, as the new Secretary of Homeland Security.

“The ocean is dead”

Lastly, there’s this disturbing article in USA Today, Sailor’s discovery: ‘The ocean is dead’:

Ivan Macfadyen’s story of sailing from Melbourne to San Francisco is more than a little ominous. The yachtsman’s springtime voyage was broken into two legs, with a stop in Osaka in the middle; it’s a trip he made 10 years ago, but one that seemed unrecognizable this time around.

A decade ago, seabirds and fish surrounded the boat; this time, the air was empty, and in the 28 days it took to get to Japan, he caught just two fish…

After departing from Osaka, “it felt as if the ocean itself was dead.” What he didn’t see: the birds, sharks, dolphins, and fish that typically studded his voyage.

What he did: an “unbelievable” load of garbage, part of it propelled there by the tsunami that hit Japan. He sailed through oil slicks, broken chairs, toys, wooden power poles, and a factory chimney. There was so much garbage, that “in a lot of places we couldn’t start our motor for fear of entangling the propeller in the mass of pieces of rope and cable.”

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