Coincidence? LAX police drill conducted four weeks before “real” event

According to the San Bernardino Sun, on Saturday, October 5th, Los Angeles Airport police and LAPD SWAT members took part in an “armed man” shooting drill at the Ontario International Airport, which is in San Bernardino County.

Nearly 300 sworn members of the Los Angeles Airport Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department took part in the training, said an airport police spokeswoman, Sgt. Belinda Nettles…

In one of many scenarios, an “armed man” ran into an unused terminal at L.A./Ontario International Airport on Saturday, “shooting” three people before officers swooped in to save the day.

It’s interesting that the officers who participated in the drill refused to reveal their names:

“There are many places where we can conduct this type of training,” said one of the SWAT officers, who didn’t want his name released. “But if we can take advantage of training as if it were real, then we have to [sic] opportunity to save more lives in a live scenario.”

…Another officer who didn’t want his name disclosed spoke of the tragedies that most of the world watched live on network television.

“Without constant training we aren’t effective enough to work and communicate as a team,” the officer said, “which is desperately needed so we don’t have the next Sandy Hook.”

In an amazing coincidence, four weeks later, on Friday, November 1st, Paul Anthony Ciancia is reported to have entered the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and killed TSA agent Gerardo I. Hernandez.

From Digital Journal:

“We practiced to this not more than 3 weeks ago,” said [LAX Police Chief Patrick] Gannon at a press conference hours after the shooting. “We took every one of our patrol officers and a couple hundred officers from the Los Angeles Police Department and we practiced the exact scenario we played out today.”

The article includes this interesting paragraph:

The connection between today’s airport shooting and the drills that preceded it is also reminiscent of the circumstances surrounding the 7/7 London transit bombing in 2005. Hours after the attack, British crisis management specialist Peter Power told ITV news that his company, Visor Consultants, was performing a simulation of the bombing of the London subway and bus system at the same time as the real incident occurred. “We based our scenario on the simultaneous attacks on the underground and mainline station,” he explained, “so we had to suddenly switch an exercise from fictional to real.” The company that Visor was consulting for at the time of the bombing has not been disclosed.

Drills, false flags, real (or not) events. None of the recent events seem real. They all contain strangeness, lack evidence, have suspicious timing, and the holes in the official narratives are big enough for an 18-wheeler to pass through. It has become almost impossible to know what’s real anymore. Is that one of the reasons “they” have been conducting these events?

Of course, there’s also news of the alleged weapon used in LAX. From Yahoo News:

A movie theater in Aurora, Colo., an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. and now Los Angeles International Airport – they all have one thing in common: the choice of gun used to terrorize an unsuspecting public.

This photograph is making the rounds:

LAX shooting_gun SWAT

As is this Tweet:

lax shooter had 100 rounds_huffpo

The Yahoo article, of all things, may reveal the truth:

Ciancia used an AR-15, which ABC News Los Angeles reported Friday afternoon. And with this news, proponents of gun-control will feel even more emboldened, as the likes of Piers Morgan displayed on Friday.

Can the U.S. be fundamentally changed, as the current president has promised to do, without disarming the American people?

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