These seem to prove the LAX shooting wasn’t real

First, there’s this man who just happened to be in New York when the planes allegedly hit the towers on 9/11 and also just happened to be in the LAX terminal where the alleged shooting took place. He was handcuffed by law enforcement during the event:

same guy at 911 and LAX

Tatoott has some excellent info about Pugh on his website. The following photos are also from Tatoott’s site.

This is supposedly the alleged shooter. With LAX being so close to Hollywood, you’d think they could get their hands on more realistic “blood”:

LAX shooter_blood etc

And here are the police rescuing a dummy:

LAX police rescue dummy

How can anyone believe a real shooting took place after seeing these photos and learning of all the “coincidences”?

Again, see Tatoott’s site for videos, info, and more photos of the LAX event.

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