Agenda 21 alert! President signs executive order to create climate change task force


Through the stroke of the pen, President Obama on Friday used his executive powers to elevate and take control of climate change policies in an attempt to streamline sustainability initiatives – and potentially skirt legislative oversight and push a federal agenda on states…

But critics say the order has the potential to do much more, including:

•             Hold back money to communities unless they meet new standards on various items and agendas set by the Federal Government…
•             A possible mandate to bring sweeping new changes to land use and resource policies.
•             More control and refocus of climate change data and use of it to push a new agenda into every priority of the Federal Government.
•             Create the need for a new internal organization for coordination efforts during a government sequestration and possible future shutdowns…

The task force includes governors of seven states — all Democrats — and the Republican governor of Guam, a U.S. territory. Fourteen mayors and two other local leaders also will serve on the task force.

All but three of those appointed are Democrats.

The task force includes Govs. Jerry Brown of California, Jay Inslee of Washington and Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii, as well as Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn. The panel also includes several big-city mayors, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and Houston Mayor Annise Parker.

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