Cyber-squatting: over 700 phony obamacare websites wanting to steal your personal info


More than 700 fake or misleading websites playing off of the new federal site and the word Obamacare have been created on the Internet by so-called cyber-squatters looking to steal personal information from individuals trying to get healthcare coverage.

Apparently, cyber-squatting has become an industry. Here’s one example:, which is registered through and is owned by a Georgia company that also runs 167 other squatter sites — doesn’t enroll anybody in anything. It just takes the information.

You don’t even have to leave home to be a crook these days.

According to the article:

The [unnamed cyber-security] expert provided the Examiner with a list of 221 websites trying to take advantage of the name, and another 499 that are squatting on state healthcare exchange websites.

As for the obamacare website itself, on October 31st Kathleen Sebelius stated that its backup site hadn’t yet been encrypted.

And get this, Obamacare Site: Not HIPAA Compliant, Doesn’t Need To Be

According to Abner Weintraub, president of the HIPAA Group, a HIPAA consultant:

The flagship site of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it has come to be known, and its back-end systems do not have to be compliant with HIPAA, falling instead under the Privacy Act. HHS told CRN that HIPAA only applies to healthcare providers that electronically submit certain forms, healthcare clearinghouses and health plans. However, the Obamacare system does not fall into any of those three categories…

“Because the Obamacare website has no promise of privacy, … they’ve revealed that any and all info collected through the site can and may be shared with absolutely everybody. … What they have done is essentially turned several hundred years of established medical privacy completely on its head and thrown it out the window,” Weintraub said. “There’s no wiggling out from under it for anyone else, other than the federal government apparently.”

The obamacare fallout gets worse every day. However, I believe the results will be far greater than anyone expects. Obamacare is a Trojan horse designed to fundamentally change the United States and, in turn, the whole world. Other nations, and people in our own country, may not like us, but what will the world be like without U.S. innovation?

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