South Carolina city gets U.N.-blue tank

According to WLTX, a South Carolina news station,

The unit comes from Fort Bragg as a military surplus item to be used for civilian use. S.W.A.T. Commander Captain E. M. Marsh says it was valued at about $658,000.

He says the department is involved in the Military’s 1033 program, that allowed them to get the military vehicle for free…

He says about 500 similar vehicles went to agencies across the country.

There are now 500 more military tanks on American streets. Does that make you feel more or less safe?

I find it quite disturbing that they painted it U.N. blue. Does the tank really belong to the local police department, or is it really a U.N. tank? The police department logos look like they might peel right off.

SC tank logo

As for the 1033 program, from the government’s Surplus Property Office:


Section 1033 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 1997 authorizes the Department of Defense to transfer excess military property to state and local law enforcement agencies. The eligible agencies in law enforcement activities are government agencies whose primary function is the enforcement of applicable federal, state and local laws, and whose compensated law enforcement officers have powers of arrest and apprehension. Preference is given to counter-drug and counter-terrorism activities.

Types of Property:

Body armor, night vision equipment, APC’s, aircraft, first aid supplies, weapons, surveillance equipment, Kevlar helmets, gas masks and filters, vehicles, etc.

Our government has been supplying local police agencies with military equipment since 1997. How much do they have hidden, that they’re not showing off? Unlike the Columbia, SC police department:

SC tank 01

There’s something un-American about a local police department proudly displaying its landmine-resistant tank, which can house a machine gun, and will be used on American streets against American citizens. Are their smiling faces and friendly waves supposed to condition us to the tyranny of a police state?

How about that blue color? Here are U.N. “world food program” vehicles:

UN World Food Program vehicle

Here are U.N. “peacekeepers”:

UN peacekeepers

Part of their job is “Actively working towards ensuring environmental sustainability.” That’s Agenda 21, which is about controlling the whole world.

Is the Columbia police department’s ridiculous show of a U.N.-blue tank on South Carolina streets a sign that “they” are moving forward in their plans to implement the new world order?

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