Are they about to federalize law enforcement?

From the New American:

As the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) doles out billions of dollars to convince local police departments to surrender control to the federal agency, a recent report indicates that intelligence gathered at precincts-cum-surveillance-centers will be shared among all levels of law enforcement.

These precincts, or “fusion centers”, “mainly apply national intelligence to local contexts and gather information locally that they can share with federal agencies.” They also share info between precincts.

Two Republican congressmen recently authored “a report on the progress of the establishment of the nationwide spread of the fusion centers.” Their conclusion:

…the Network is not functioning as cohesively as it should be and fusion centers are facing numerous challenges that prevent the Network from realizing its full potential to help secure the homeland.

In other words, their plans are not moving along fast enough. It’s scary to think of what they might do to move things along.

As the New American article states:

Seems the congressmen should be reminded of the fact that there is not a single syllable of the Constitution authorizing any such federal participation in law enforcement. If the power isn’t granted to the federal government in the Constitution, then authority over that area remains with the states and the people as described in the Tenth Amendment.

Nevertheless, as the article points out, the push is on toward federalization of all local law enforcement and “the surrender of state and municipal sovereignty.”

Take for example the information contained in a White Paper presented in 2012 to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. In that report, the DHS is encouraged to embark on an “evolving mission” away from its ostensible purpose of fighting terrorism, toward becoming the administrator of an enormous domestic intelligence agency resulting from an integration of the country’s local and state law-enforcement agencies.

…one section of the report calls for a transition in the mission of DHS away from protecting the country from the “terrorism” of foreign militants and toward “more specific homeward focused areas.” Additional sections of the report lay out the plans for building a DHS/police hybrid agency that can monitor Americans in any town and prevent threats from fellow citizens.

As I’ve stated in an earlier post, the sheriff of my county was initially appointed by the governor when the previous sheriff unexpectedly took early retirement. At some point before being appointed sheriff, he was an important staff member for a prominent politician who now serves on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. See, also, my earlier posts on the overwhelming amount of high-tech spy gadgetry being installed throughout the county. How many other local sheriffs are appointees of the establishment? The takeover is probably much further along than we can imagine.

There is more information in the New American article. Well worth reading.

There’s also this from InvestmentWatch, Congressman Exposes DHS Buildup for CIVIL UNREST & Secret Police Force- “NOT A CONSPIRACY”

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert joins The Janet Mefferd show and confirms that the Department of Homeland Security has been stocking up on weaponry, hollow point bullets and appears to be forming a ‘secret police force’ while providing no answers to Congress about why it is doing so. While the DHS ‘wastes money right and left’, according to Gohmert, none of this output makes sense and a ‘secret security force’ is something totally against the history of our country. ”I don’t see a ‘conspiracy’ everywhere….I just see some very stupid moves being made by this administration.” Why does this administration still seem like it’s preparing for war against the American people? Is Obama’s DHS the new gestapo/stasi?

Don’t forget the 500 tanks the military just gave to local police enforcement agencies and the fact that at least one of them was painted “U.N. blue”. The American government may be taking over local law enforcement, but they have plans to turn the whole thing over to the new world order.

See, also, this lengthy but important article, You Are a Rogue Device. Subtitle: A New Apparatus Capable of Spying on You Has Been Installed Throughout Downtown Seattle. Very Few Citizens Know What It Is, and Officials Don’t Want to Talk About It.” The authors ask:

How accurately can it geo-locate and track the movements of your phone, laptop, or any other wireless device by its MAC address (its “media access control address”—nothing to do with Macintosh—which is analogous to a device’s thumbprint)? Can the network send that information to a database, allowing the SPD to reconstruct who was where at any given time, on any given day, without a warrant? Can the network see you now?

Here’s what it looks like:

spy box

There are quite a few of these around my little city.

Here’s the official response to the Seattle spying article: “Seattle police deactivate surveillance system after public outrage” Who believes that? From the article:

Last week, Seattle’s The Stranger published an in-depth look at a little known new initiative taking place within the city that involved the installation of dozens of devices that would create a digital mesh network for law enforcement officers. The devices — small white-boxes equipped with antennas and adorned on utility poles — would broadcast data wirelessly between nodes so police officers could have their own private network to more easily share large amounts of data. As The Stranger pointed out, however, those same contraptions were able to collect data on internet-ready devices of anyone within reach, essentially allowing the Seattle Police Department to see where cell phones, laptops and any other smart devices operating within reach were located.

The good people of Seattle read the Stranger article and local media picked up the story. The SPD’s official response:

“The wireless mesh network will be deactivated until city council approves a draft policy and until there’s an opportunity for vigorous public debate,” Police Chief Jim Pugel told The Stranger for an article published late Tuesday.

A mere formality, a promise that will be forgotten as the holidays approach and people go on with their lives, lulled by the lies.

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