D.C. driver’s funeral – what are these people wearing?

Here are some photographs from Miriam Carey’s funeral in Brooklyn, NY. These women are wearing the same robe with the same emblem near the bottom of the garment:

sisters in robes

This is an enlargement of the emblem that’s over the middle woman’s left leg:

emblem on woman enlarged

Here is the male version of the outfit, also with the emblem:

sister miriam and fiance

An enlargement:

emblem on man enlarged

I can’t make out what it is and don’t have the software to enlarge it properly. If anyone can give me a clear image of it and/or tell me what it is, that would be very much appreciated.

Here are a few more photos from the funeral:

in garb sister amy emblem 2

Here’s an enlargement of the emblem from this photo. Pretty creepy:

emblem on 2nd man enlarged x 2

You can see these photos, and others, at the Stamford Advocate.

There’s also this photograph, which came from the New York Daily News. It’s not a doctored photo from, say, David Icke’s website:

sisters in doorway

I’ve never seen eyes react like that to a flash of light.

There is something odd about this family. In fact, there’s something odd about the whole car chase event and the stories surrounding it.

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